February Preview

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This really has nothing to do with anything but… I was in the grocery story check out line last week and nosey rosey me always likes to look at what other people are buying. The lady behind me started to unload her cart of the normal necessities- bread, milk, eggs, etc… and then I saw it and this may be no big deal to anyone else but me but I was shocked to see such a thing and not only that but who in their right mind would buy it?

Are you ready for it??


What the?!

I thought the reason for half & half was the fat. What is the point then? Just buy non fat milk. I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say that I don’t think that lady at the grocery store-that I’ll never see again- and I will ever be bffs.

I told y’all that it really had nothing to do with anything…

Well here are some pretty pictures to look at to make up for all that non sense…


Temescal Gateway Park Wedding | Lindsey & Ben

Occidental College Wedding | Natalie & Jason


San Diego Anytime Session | Rosy & Naiven


San Diego Anytime Session | Johnny