Meet Harmony Loves

We know this is going to sound cheesy and maybe even a bit cliché but we’re going to go ahead and say it and get it out of the way… We love LOVE! It’s true, we do! And the best part is, that we get to experience it, capture it, and talk about it every day.

We are Harmony Loves. We are a website for brides. We are a website for wives. We are a website for moms and mom’s-in-law. We love to laugh.

Want to know more stuff about us? Look through the things we love to feel our vibes.


If we’re being honest, this is our love of all loves. We go to sleep at night, happy to shut our eyes because we know in the morning we’ll have coffee. We’ve tried to quit several times but it never lasts.


We know we said coffee is our love of all loves but coffee is probably a close second to chocolate. If there’s chocolate, we’re there. We’re total homebodies and would sit at home instead of a party any day but if we knew there was a dessert table and chocolate, we’d gladly give up the couch and entertainment in a heartbeat.

Pinterest and Instagram

By far our two favorite social media sites. Pretty pictures and recipes! Our idea of a perfect Saturday morning includes coffee and pinning.


Not only do we love to eat but we love to cook. We are total foodies! We spent a good part of our lives despising the kitchen and anything and everything to do with it. Now, our idea of a good time is looking at cookbooks and deciding what color Le Creuset pan we want.


If you ask our partners, they’d say our phones are glued to our hands. We say it’s our lifeline. It’s the peanut butter to our jelly, the marshmallows to our yams, the Sonny to our Cher, the pin to our interest.

Food magazines

We really love magazines and you put food in a magazine… It’s just perfect. Our dream is to work for magazines in food & wine as traveling, eating reporters.