Where to Buy a Non-Traditional Wedding Dress

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People have varying opinions about non-religious weddings. But one thing that stands out is that taking the non-tradition route gives you the opportunity to get more creative, as there are fewer rules to observe when you’re not looking to buy a traditional wedding dress.

If you’ve chosen to direct your wedding farther away from your community’s religion and traditions, even your choice of a wedding dress can be flexible. It means you can wipe out white and pick a completely different style for your big day. And no one has the right to judge you for the choice you make.

It’s going to be a non-traditional wedding day anyway. And more importantly, it’s your day – no one else’s. So you might as well enjoy it in a dress that’s far from conventional in the usual wedding scenes.

Here we’ll share where to buy a non-traditional wedding dress. Whether you have a few weeks to your big day or you have a couple more months to prepare, these online platforms have just the right dress to wear at that moment.

6 Places to Can Buy a Non-Traditional Wedding Dress Online

The following are 6 places where you can buy a non-traditional bridal dress:

1. Revolve

You may know Revolve for its sleek and seductive designs. It’s here that you’ll find sultry fashions with thigh-high slits, dresses with lingerie-inspired bustier bodices, and dazzling illusion paneling.

Also, Revolve has a limited noteworthy selection of traditional and non-traditional wedding dresses in classic satin and crepe materials for the traditional bride.

In addition to the glittery shorts for your bachelorette party and floral frocks for your garden rehearsal dinner, Revolve also offers cotton tiny dresses for your destination wedding, and jaw-dropping lingerie for beyond your wedding day.

2. Farfetch

Farfetch is a platform for brides who wish not to limit themselves to culture and tradition. Featuring non-traditional and fashion-forward ready-to-wear selections, Farfetch has just the right dress for you for the big day.

From extravagant tulle dresses to figure-hugging slips and trendy jumpsuits, Farfetch features a slew of luxurious dresses and accessories from renowned designers. If anything, you’re sure to find the perfect non-traditional gown for your big day.

3. Etsy

Etsy has something for everyone: from non-traditional and bright, quirky bridal blouses to vintage and embellished dresses. There are also ready-to-wear gowns and custom-made items in nearly every price range.

For unconventional weddings, you will find bold laces. You can opt for pink tones or blue hues for fun brides and tiny lace elements and beading for the distinctive brides.

4. Free People

Free People may not be a typical bridal gown platform, but you’ll adore their distinctive rock-n-roll and laid-back vibe.

Here you’ll find gowns that are ideal for a beachy bride, a honeymoon getaway, or a fun and flirtatious appearance.

The gowns on this platform feature natural materials, embroidery, crochet, and drape components. So throw tradition behind you because adventure awaits ahead.

5. Lulus

Known for its huge dress collection, Lulus offers a wide variety of shirts, shoes, bottoms, and accessories, with different options in each section. There are also different types of wedding gowns here, including non-traditional options.

Whether you want a seductive dress, a modest maxi dress, or an embellished dress that makes a strong statement, there’s something for you on Lulus.

Bridal gowns in graphic lace, light and airy organza, and figure-hugging stretch-knit are all under $100. Depending on your budget, you may have enough room to purchase one of Lulus’ charming tiny white gowns or to enhance your wedding day appearance with a pearl headband and a set of earrings.

6. Loho Bride

Founded and run by Christy Doxtator, a personality with an unrivaled sense of style, Loho Bride is unquestionably a one-of-a-kind brand where you can buy a non-traditional bridal gown that you can wear even after the big day.

With two exquisite locations in California, anybody can now become a Loho Bride just by visiting their gorgeous online boutique. You can also get mini dresses to show some legs, jumpsuits for a casual touch, or the trendiest accessories for a more sleek touch.

At Loho Bride, you can have your custom wedding dress made after ordering. Or you can buy what’s already in stock if your big day is just around the corner.

Frequently Asked Question

Do I have to wear a white bridal gown on my wedding day?

You don’t have to wear a white bridal gown to have a colorful wedding day. We understand that white is the traditional choice of color, but it’s not a necessity in a non-traditional wedding.

What colors of a bridal gown can I wear besides white?

It’s up to you to decide what color of a bridal dress to wear for your wedding day. Some examples of colorful hues include blue, red, champagne, and ivory.

What can I wear to my wedding besides the dress?

You don’t have to wear a bridal gown if this type of attire is not your thing. Other silhouettes such as a two-piece set, a stylish jumpsuit, and a chic bridal suit can make you look stylish during the ceremony and at the reception.


Rocking an unorthodox bridal style is all about breaking the rules. These alternatives are all about deviating from convention to highlight your distinct personality, so you stand the chance to show your personality to the guests in the ceremony. And now you know where to buy a non-traditional wedding dress that fits you well, you shouldn’t hesitate to go all in.

Before you buy, look for shapes that seem natural in relation to your personal style. This way, you won’t be squirming or second-guessing your choice all night.

Additionally, bear in mind the weather and atmosphere. While a black, long-sleeved ball gown will undoubtedly be a dramatic and unforgettable option, you may regret it under the scorching heat.

Balance is also critical, so determine what expectations to defy and which to embrace.

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