Wedding Dress Styles for Short Brides

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Finding the ideal wedding dress for your body type can be difficult, especially if you are a short bride. As a short, or chubby bride, you have probably fought your whole life to find clothes that fit. But shopping for wedding dress styles for short brides doesn’t have to feel like walking on coals of fire.

When shopping for your wedding, it is crucial to know which designs flatter a diminutive frame. You should search for wedding dresses that extend rather than broaden you. This implies that despite the beauty of puffy ball gowns and princess dresses, the additional fabric will make you appear shorter.

The first rule of thumb while searching for the ideal small wedding gown is to avoid gowns with extra fabric. Even though every girl dreams of a Cinderella-like wedding dress, a tiny frame will drown in princess-style puffy dresses. The trick is to keep things simple to avoid overwhelming your figure.

The Best Wedding Dresses Suitable for the Short Brides

There are several shapes in fashion, each of which is more flattering to certain body types than they are to others. In this respect, the form, or shape, of your dress has a significant impact on the appearance of your small frame.

Here are six wedding dress styles that are great for creating a stunning, extended silhouette on petite brides:

1. Sheath Bridal Dresses

If you want a stunning wedding dress that highlights a thin frame, the sheath silhouette is for you. From a construction standpoint, bridal designers make the dress such that the seam extends straight from the shoulders to the hips, providing an elegant and understated appearance.

Given that most sheath dresses are flexible, this design is ideal for a range of wedding settings. Sheath dresses are great for tiny women, whether they wish to get married in a classic church or on an exotic beach.

2. The A-Line Wedding Dresses

If you are uncertain about which style to pick, an A-line silhouette is universally flattering for all body types.

This kind of dress, fitted through the hips and flaring out at the ankles, resembles the letter A.

Petite, short brides can search for A-line dresses with an empire waist to give length to their body. In addition to being flattering for all body shapes and heights, the A-line wedding dresses can easily complement any wedding venue style.

3. Fit and Flare Dresses

Choose a fit-and-flare wedding dress if you’re a small bride seeking something hotter. Although they resemble mermaid wedding dresses, fit and flare styles curve out just above the knee, so they will not shrink your frame.

A gown like that is an ideal choice for a tiny bride who desires to highlight her attractive beauty during her wedding.

4. Cocktail Bridal Gowns

If you want a puffy princess dress, an above-the-knee length might be fun, flirtatious, and not overwhelm your diminutive frame.

Cocktail wedding dresses are an excellent opportunity to defy convention and are appropriate for a more informal ceremony. In addition, they are great for outdoor ceremonies, since there is no need to worry about the dress dragging on the grass.

When you pick a short wedding dress, you may add as many decorations and laces as you like without being excessive.

5. Mermaid and Trumpet Dresses

If you want to add a little drama to your gown, trumpet or mermaid fit gowns are excellent choices. This style’s lengthened waistline will make you look taller, while the flare at or below the knee will assist to balance your body.

Trumpet and mermaid dresses are flattering for a variety of body shapes, including those with a small frame. Because the shape accentuates the breasts and hips, it allows you to flaunt your curvaceous form.

Choose a mermaid-style wedding gown for a more feminine look on your big day. It flatters a variety of body shapes and elongates the form. This design accentuates the hips and breasts by hugging the stomach, thus highlighting the woman’s lovely contours. And if you want your legs to seem longer, use a higher waistline.

The skirt stretches out like a mermaid or fishtail at or above the knees. As you go down the aisle, you will feel feminine, seductive, and glamorous in this design.

6. Ball Gown Wedding Dresses

If you want to avoid having your waist cut off, choose a waistline that creates an extended impression by curving up slightly in the middle. Select a wedding gown with a waistline that begins as a straight line but narrows towards the rear.

You can also choose a narrow belt or ribbon in a tone-on-tone color to add to your wedding dress. Small bridal gowns typically have this adornment, so you can achieve the look on your dream dress as well.

Reduce the crinoline or tulle to reduce the volume of the skirt. Depending on how much fullness you remove from the skirt of your wedding dress, the skirt may wind up resembling an A-line or even a sheath while still retaining a ball gown appearance.

How to Look Great in a Wedding Dress for Short Brides

If you want to discover a properly fitted wedding dress that helps you seem taller, try these basic guidelines for short people and look at some of our tips for short brides to look great on the big day:

High Waist Designs Work Better

The high waist dresses make your legs appear longer, hence making you appear taller.

You may select a wedding gown with an empire silhouette and a soft, lightweight skirt. This variation is excellent for plus-size brides that might like to hide their tummies.

The form of the gown conceals any flaws and elongates the morphologies. If you’re a thin, small bride, choose a gorgeous bridal ensemble consisting of a jumpsuit with a train.

Keeping It Monochrome is Better

Remain monochromatic. Select wedding dresses composed of the same basic fabric and devoid of contrasting elements. Doing so will assist in visibly elongating your stature and establishing a vertical line.

Petite brides should avoid dresses with vibrant flower embellishments or color block patterns.

Wear the Right Shoes

Wear high heels. Doing so is the easiest technique to increase your height on your wedding day and to feel more secure about your looks.

However, keep in mind that the higher the better theory only applies to the brides who are accustomed to walking in stiletto heels. If you are not among them, you should not exaggerate your skills. Remember, you will spend the whole day on your feet, and you must be as comfortable as possible throughout that period.

Choose shoes with a medium heel height and walk about the house a few times to be acclimated to the shoes. Consider having a second pair of shoes that are more comfortable to wear after the photoshoot and any official parts of the day.

Don’t Forget the Length

The length is relevant. Petite women usually have unique proportions, including narrow shoulders, a petite body, and a lower stature.

If you want your dress to fit like a glove, you will need to attend further fittings and wait for more modifications. Read up on when to do the fittings and what the fitting etiquette is.

The dress’s hem must reach the ground and cover the wearer’s shoes. Alternately, you might choose a low-high style that highlights slim legs. Short brides should avoid lengthy trains and veil lengths that reach the floor. They will shorten your stature.

What to Avoid If You’re a Short Bride?

Here’s what you should avoid if you’re a short bride – and why:

  1. Avoid massive amounts of fabric. You should flaunt your wonderful physique, not hide it.
  2. The classic length may be charming, but it will not benefit you in any way. A cocktail dress that falls at or above the knee is preferable.
  3. Beading and bows will not enhance your beauty, but rather detract from it. So keep away from them completely.
  4. An extreme train length can make your legs look even shorter. This is probably not something a tiny bride would want for her big day.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a short girl wear a ball gown?

Petite brides can look stunning in different styles of wedding dresses, but the dramatic ball gown is not one of them. A full skirt, heavy crinolines, and lots of material and decoration will make you look wide and stumpy. Look for a slimmer silhouette, that will not hide your delicate figure.

Which bridal dress is suitable for a short-height girl?

A-Line Dresses. Like the letter A, this style of dress is fitted through the hipline, then broadens down to the ankle. Petite brides should look for an empire waist A-line dress to add some extra length to their frame. Not only is this style great for all body types, but it is beautiful in any wedding setting.

Is it OK for the mother of the bride to wear a short dress?

Can the mother of the bride wear a short dress? Of course! A short mother of the bride dress is entirely appropriate to wear to a wedding, especially if you’re attending a spring or summer wedding.

What should I wear if I’m short and chubby?

What to wear if you are short and chubby? General advice applies to everyday looks as much as to weddings:
Opt for clothing with vertical lines. Tuck in your shirts and blouses. Invest in high-quality shapewear. Embrace monochrome looks. Be mindful of patterns. Add a belt. Wear nude high heels. Pay attention to necklines.

What type of gown should a short person wear?

Dresses will look great on many short women, as they automatically create the much desired 2/3 – 1/3 look. If you opt for a form-fitting slim silhouette then this will make you look even taller. A knee-length sheath dress is a great option for a petite frame as the tailored silhouette avoids unwanted bulk.

What does petite mean in wedding dresses?

Petite means small or short in French. So naturally in English petite has a similar meaning i.e. for a shorter person. It may be somewhat smaller than the regular size, but it will definitely be shorter.

What’s considered petite?

What height is considered petite? Petite sizes are designed for women 5’4” and under, regardless of their size. In the petite category, sizes range from extra-small to plus-size. Some of them also have a “P” label to illustrate a smaller and proportioned fit.


The last thing you want to do is hide your beauty on your big day. It’s your day, after all, so you shouldn’t hesitate to flaunt your appearance to the audience by investing in wedding dress styles that fit short brides.

Petite brides can look lovely in a variety of wedding dress designs, but not the extravagant ball gown. A full skirt, hefty crinolines, and an abundance of material and embellishment will make you appear broad and stumpy. Consider a form-fitting silhouette that will not conceal your delicate frame. Avoid models with puffy shoulders and excessive embellishments, as they will create an imbalance and make you appear boxy.

When it comes to wedding dresses for petite women, length is not the only consideration. Additionally, you must verify that the dimensions of your clothing match your own. You can have dresses shortened to accommodate your height, but a bodice made for someone 5’6″ or taller will not fit someone 5’1″ or less. Still, picking a figure-flattering shape lays the groundwork for future modifications to go smoothly.

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