Best wedding dress storage boxes

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If you’ve decided to keep your wedding dress untouched long into the future, you’ll need to consider how you’ll clean, preserve, and store your wedding gown because it can’t just be hanging in your closet with the rest of your clothes.

The first step in caring for the bridal gown is cleaning and preservation. The second most crucial step in preventing the dress from yellowing and staining in the future is to keep the dress in the best wedding dress storage box.

Overview of the Best Wedding Dress Storage Boxes

There are different wedding dress storage boxes on the market, with varying sizes, colors, and price points.

Here’s a list of the three options that we recommend you check out right away:

These bridal gown storage boxes are free of acid and lignin.

They also include many acid-free tissue papers to keep your wedding dress in the best condition for many months.

What is a Wedding Dress Storage Box?

A wedding dress storage box is a lignin-free and acid-free chest with archival materials built to help you store your bridal gown in the best condition for the long term.

Made of heavy-duty, crush-resistant, corrugated cardboard, these boxes come in different colors, shapes, sizes, and prices. So, it should be easy to find a model that suits your taste and budget.

Some people think that wedding dress storage boxes and bridal gown destination boxes are the same. That couldn’t be further from the case.

A wedding gown destination box specifically holds your dress as you travel to your wedding destination. It’s not intended to store the dress for the long term.

On the other hand, a wedding gown storage box is the only solution that protects your bridal gown for months and years to come.

Is Wedding Dress Storage Box Necessary?

A wedding dress storage box is necessary because:

  • It protects your bridal gown from harsh ultraviolet light, which would otherwise fade and eventually damage the fabric.
  • It keeps the dress safe from elements such as dirt, dander, dust, and spray.
  • It ensures you store the bridal gown well so that it doesn’t crease over time.

You don’t need to buy a wedding dress storage box if you already use a bridal gown preservation company.

These agencies use thoughtfully built acid and lignin-free boxes to keep your wedding dress in its original condition for up to 1,000 years.

If you wish to keep your bridal gown at home, get a storage box to protect your wedding dress from staining and yellowing and save yourself the hassle of cleaning a yellowed gown later.

To be abundantly clear, some of the cheap storage boxes you buy from Amazon or a local store won’t be as great as the options used by wedding dress preservation companies. That’s because the chemicals used to design them degrade extremely fast and result in scorching.

Still, most of these boxes can keep your wedding gown in good condition for a year. Then, you’ll need to switch the dress to a new package to prevent staining and yellowing of the fabric.

How Much Does a Wedding Dress Storage Box Cost?

The cost for a wedding dress storage box varies between $40 and $400.

You can get a 100% acid-free preservation box for around $80, exclusive of preservation cost. Having the gown cleaned by a professional service provider before placing it in the box will cost around $175. So, you’ll spend roughly $225 for preservation and storage.

$225 is the current standard cost for the Wedding Gown Preservation Kit, a chest built by a leading team of fabric experts with experience preserving wedding dresses. With the help of the kit, you can have your gown pressed, preserved, and stored in good condition for up to 100 years.

How to Choose a Wedding Dress Storage Box

First, decide for how long you want to store your wedding gown. If you want to store the dress for 1 to 12 months, get a high-quality garment bag made of thick, pH-neutral material that won’t easily tear or stain the gown. Alternatively, you can get a muslin bag commonly used for textile preservation.

For long-term storage, get a box made specifically for bridal gown storage. The chest should include acid-free tissue papers, as they’re essential for preserving the shape of the dress and offering maximum protection from elements such as light, dust, and moisture.

The Best Wedding Dress Storage Boxes Reviewed

Here are some of the best wedding dress storage boxes that are ideal for keeping bridal gowns in good condition for the long term:

1. HANGERWORLD Wedding Dress Storage Box

Made from pH-neutral fabric and featuring ten sheets of acid-free tissue paper, the HANGERWOLD wedding dress storage box is a perfect kit to preserve your bridal gown for years to come. It’s suitable for long-term preservation, which means you can use it to store a dress you’d like to pass down to future generations.

HANGERWORLD Wedding Dress Storage Box Bridal Gown Preservation Kit

Measuring 13.78 by 21.65 by 7.87 inches, this model is a medium size that can fit under the bed. For traditional wedding dresses that feature a lot of tulles, consider getting the large option for a perfect fit.

2. Wedding Gown Preservation Kit

With this Wedding Gown Preservation Kit, you can also preserve and protect your bridal gown for years to come. With the help of a professional wedding dress preservation company, you’ll have your dress cleaned, preserved, and packaged in this glossy kit and then shipped to your door. In addition to a $500 insurance, the Wedding Gown Preservation Kit includes free prepaid shipping within the United States and a 100-year preservation guarantee.

Wedding Gown Preservation Kit, Prepaid Dress Cleaning and Preserving

Frequently asked questions

Can I store a wedding dress in a cardboard box?

All packaging materials used to store a wedding dress should be acid-free. This includes the box in which it’s stored. Choose a heavy-duty cardboard box with a tight-fitting lid to protect the gown from dust, insects, and light. If you’ve opted for a dress box with a window, choose an acetate screen over a plastic one.

Is it safe to vacuum pack a wedding dress?

Never store your dress in a vacuum-sealed bag or plastic container! While this may seem like a great way to preserve your gown, plastic containers or bags emit fumes that can yellow or discolor the fabric. Additionally, moisture trapped within the container can cause a buildup of mildew or mold.

Can I store my wedding dress in a bag?

Your wedding dress is likely to be sold to you in a plastic hanging bag, but this should never be used for long-term storage. This is because plastic doesn’t allow the fabric of your dress to breathe, trapping any moisture or dirt inside, with your dress.

Can you store a wedding dress in the attic?

In addition to being dark, the place where you keep your preserved wedding dress should be cool and dry. Fluctuations in temperature or extreme temperatures can break down the fabric even within the box or bag. Attics, basements, and garages are not good choices for storing a preserved gown.

Can I put my wedding dress in the washing machine?

If you’re cleaning a wedding dress at home, use a gentle yet efficient detergent. Don’t try to wash a wedding dress in a washing machine unless it’s labeled as safe to do so.

Do dry cleaners steam wedding dresses?

Steaming is also a valuable process after the wedding is over. Take the dress back to your dry cleaning specialist so that they can now preserve it for posterity. First, they will inspect it for stains and remove them by hand. The dress will be dry cleaned and steamed.

How do you get stains out of satin wedding dresses?

Try to squirt a small dab of mild dishwashing liquid on a clean, soft rag. Apply it (without wetting the rag) to the grease stain. Begin by blotting, then gently scrub if necessary. The dish soap should lift the grease off the dress.

Final Words

Whether you want to store your bridal gown as an heirloom to pass down to the next generation, you want to sell it to another bride for her wedding day, or you want your daughter to wear it on her wedding day, the best wedding dress storage box can keep it in good condition for years to come.

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