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So I have this camera that I love but rarely use. It’s a contax 645 and it spends a majority of it’s time in my camera bag. For Shame!!! I know!  I love film and shooting film but sometimes I need to choose between buying film, processing it and eating… although that may be debated on whether or not I actually need to eat. Can you say stretchy pants city?! I should stay clear of my own Deserts Board on Pinterest. But back to the subject, shooting film can be expensive so when a friend told me about Visual Supply Company’s new film presets… sign me up! where do I sign? do I give up my first born? I may have been a little excited. This was my first edit with the presets and I’m impressed (although I wasn’t at first but that’s just because I’m picky and difficult and very hard to please but that’s for another time). I made minor adjustments here and there- a little contrast- and faded highlights and voila! But I’m still learning and playing. And for those of you salivating over the contax 645, nope not selling it. 😉

If you’re not a photographer and I’m boring you, let’s move on…

This is Gina. She’s smart, funny, gorgeous and it’s only a matter of time before y’all know see her on the big screen. She needed to update her portfolio and I was happy to oblige. I enlisted the help of one of the best make up artists around these parts, Amy Clarke, and we had an amazing time on a beautiful fall day in San Diego.

Thank you to my amazing husband for shooting with me!

This first shot was taken in my kitchen. Filtered window light. LOVE!





I haven’t done a Week in Love post for at least four months –ooops, I just checked and it’s been 7 months, yikes!-… probably because I’m spending my free time on Pinterest…. well, that and it is wedding season. So I’ve combined the two to bring y’all my favorite pins for the week. Enjoy! :)

1. Wedding favor idea– books!

2. I have bananas waiting to be mashed into this amazing banana bread recipe. I may make this after I make #9

3. Cake batter martini… enough said

4. I love the idea of themes for senior shoots. This is in Ruche’s new catalog and it’s so cute!

5. I’m a little obsessed with anything fall and pumpkins… and I’m dieting right now… so just looking at this pumpkin pie french toast helps me make it through the day

6. DIY lavender sugar scrub– great for a gift or to keep for yourself

7. My favorite thing on pinterest so far… viewfinder wedding invitations. To die for. How do people come up with these amazing ideas? Pure genius if you ask me

8. ok maybe the viewfinder is my second most favorite thing… a blinged-out starbucks cup just took the spot for first place

9. NYT “best” chocoloate chip cookie recipe– this will probably be my first pinterest recipe I try… I’ll let y’all know how it turns out

I’m really not asking for a lot for Christmas… just some minor things. 8 things to be exact.

1. Kelly Moore Camera Bag in grey- yes! yes, I do need another bag. See, this can be a purse and camera bag. Pure genius!

2. Frye Melissa Button Boots in Dark Brown- I’m pretty sure these will fit over my chubby calves. If not, they’ll still look pretty in my closet!

3. Michael Kors Silver Runway Watch- My husband owns at least 6 watches and I don’t even have one. How fair is that… not at all!

4. iphone 4– no explanation needed. It has face time!

5. Lululemon Gift Card- sweet baby jesus and baby santa! hook it up! clothes that triple as exercise clothes, loungewear, and pj’s! it’s heaven on your body!

6. Tiffany Sunglasses– ok so I don’t NEED these but they are cute and they’ll go perfectly with my other 6 pairs of designer glasses. my other 6 need a new friend!

7. iTunes Gift Card- I’m addicted! to movies, audio books, and apps! I can’t help it!

8. KitchenAid Mixer- I’m a baker by nature. And like most people need air to breath, I need this to bake. It’s that simple. And Santa, please don’t bring me the one where the bowl lifts up. I like the tilt-head one. :)

1. Are you ready for some fooootball?!

Yes, I do love football. It was forced on me and well, I can say that I actually love it.

Especially the Chargers! And have you seen Ryan Mathews? DAAAANG!

Hot piece of _______________ (you fill in the blank :) )

2. Speaking of the Chargers…

Victoria’s Secret now has an NFL line! What does that mean?

Cute Charger clothes!! I mean, I gotta look cute for Ryan, right?

3. One of my all time Fall Favorites are cloudy beachy mornings.

The cool, crisp feeling while walking on the beach, nothing better!

4. Ok, I lied.

There is something better than cool, crisp beachy mornings…

Walking on cool, crisp, beachy mornings with a Pumkin Spice Latte. Nothing better!

5. Oh! But…

You can’t walk on cool, crisp, beachy mornings without Uggs.

4 words…

Heaven for your feet!

6. Fall Candles.

pumpkin, pumpkin spice, fall leaves, cinnamon & cloves, cranberry, sweet cinnamon pumpkin, creamy nutmeg, caramel apple.

All of it just screams fall. And I’m all about screaming fall.

It actually looks like fall threw up in my house.

And mixing scents, yeah, I do that. And sometimes, it ends up smelling like throw up. 😉

7. Julian, California

The epitome of a scenic fall town.

apple picking

apple pies

apple dumplings

apple cider


I love it!

What are some of your fall favs?

(Yeah, I know it’s not fall yet.)

For the Bride: Maria Lucia Hohan Bridal

I’m a very picky person…. well, I’m picky about most things except for food- I see it. I eat eat. Plain and simple. Being picky is not something I take pride in. It really just makes life difficult sometimes and it drives my husband to the point of contemplating murder. BUT, when I see something I like, I immediately know it. My eye is automatically drawn to it and all I can say is OH! SWEET! BABY! JESUS!

And one of my OH! SWEET! BABY! JESUS! moments is when I saw Maria Lucia Hohan’s designs. Her dresses are beyond gorgeous and some of the non-bridal dresses I would totally wear as bridal dresses. I would LOVE to shoot a bridal session in any one of these designs.

First 5 images from Cherry Blossom Girl from Maria Lucia Hohan’s designs

Not only are these dresses amazing but these images are to die for!

maria lucia hohan bridal

For the Teen: I [Heart] Ronson

Oh to be a teen in these days! If i had to do it all over again I would in a heart beat! My days of LA Gear, pegged jeans, corduroy pants, ratted bangs, leg warmers, and hunter green everything would no longer haunt me in my sleep.

We had Saved by the Bell they have Gossip Girl… absolutely no comparison at all! And guess what, some of these clothes are affordable. What? Affordable and stylish?! Where’s a time machine when you need it?

I [Heart] Ronson also known as Charlotte Ronson has created a line for the stylish teen that is extremely affordable and obtainable- available at JCPenny.

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