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July Preview

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I’m sitting at my computer when I should be getting ready for an engagement session. My husband is periodically calling out the time, “it’s 12:30.” it’s really 11:45, “it’s 12:50.” it’s really 11:50. He does this cause he knows I live at the corner of late st and late ave. I’m always late! I like to call it using my time wisely. I mean, what good is it too arrive at my destination early only to sit and wait… that’s wasting time. He likes to get somewhere 2 hours early and then sit and wait. What? Who does that? I’m all about using my time effectively. He always tells me that being on time is late…uh, no! On time, is not late… it’s on time!

Soooo, this July Preview is on time, cause it’s still July 😉


Emily + Josh | Glendora Backyard Wedding


Alice + Jason | Twin Oaks Garden Estate Wedding


Amanda + Danny | Nelson, Nevada Engagement


Lindsey + Ben | Palm Springs Engagement


Maya | Crystal Cove Lifestyle Session

June Preview

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Orange County Wedding | Brett + Kathy


About a month ago I had the pleasure of attending and helping Logan Cole with his first workshop. The next three images are from that fabulous day.


Orange County Engagement | Natalie + Jason

May Preview

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I know! I know what you’re saying and what you’re thinking. I need to stop doing these previews and do a whole post. And I will… as soon as my world stops spinning.  But until then here are a few engagements, seniors, and weddings coming up in May :)


Amanda + Mike | San Diego Engagement


Amanda | San Diego High School Senior Photographer


Dani + Mike | Downtown Fullerton Engagement


Erin + Jeff | Westlake Village Inn Wedding


Kristeen + Kathy


Theresa + Adam | Venice Beach Engagement


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