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She emailed me a few weeks back, asking if I would shoot her daughter’s senior pictures. They were coming in from Ohio and San Diego was their destination for spring break. They said they found me on the web and that San Diego and I would be the perfect match for senior pictures. And I 100% agree! 😉

This is Kelly. She attends Olentangy Orange High School in Ohio. She’s super sweet, gorgeous, smart, and has a killer smile!

Kelly! Thank you so much for spending the day with me and choosing me to document such an amazing time in your life!!






Here is part 2 of Chantelle’s senior pictures I shot with Logan. Chantelle brought a a huge pile of clothes and everything she brought was unique and simply amazing. I think we got a very unique look from each outfit and Chantelle certainly worked each outfit!

The first look has a very vintage 70’s vibe mixed with a natural background of ivy, stone and orange groves.

Dress + Faux Fur JacketAnthropogie


Gold RingASOS

Gold Key RingHouse of Harlow

Make up by the ever fabulous Amy Clarke

Shot in Redlands, California

2nd outfit has a more edgy but casual vibe

Black ShirtFossil + Jeggings Nordstrom + Shaggy Fur VestZara + Suede Wedge BootiesJeffrey Campbell + Gold Key RingHouse of Harlow

A couple of weeks ago Logan (if you don’t know him by now, well, you’re certainly missing out!) asked me to shoot a fabulous senior session with him and of course, I said heck yeah! Logan, Amy, Chantelle, and I drove to Redlands with no real plans but we came across some hidden gems. Oooh Redlands, you are quite the find!

Chantelle is a gorgeous senior at Santiago High School in Corona California.

I had so many amazing pictures from the day that I had to split this session up into two posts. Part 2 will go up tomorrow!

Make up by Amy Clarke– She is amazing!


Red Tribal Sweater, LF

Tank Top, Urban Outfitters

Boots, Nordstrom

Gold Ring, ASOS

Turquoise Ring, Vintage

Part 1:

All pictures edited with the new Organics Collection by Formula One Actions

It was a gorgeous day in San Diego, albeit hot, but gorgeous nonetheless. Emily drove down from Rancho Bernardo for her senior pictures and we were blessed with an amazing day and light to shoot in. I first met Emily when she walked up to me while standing in a parking spot. Yes, standing in a parking spot. I was holding it for her and her mother so they would have a place to park in Coronado (some of you may know, you practically have to give up your fist born to find a parking spot on a weekend in Coronado.) That’s just what I do. Stand in parking spots for you. And take your picture, of course.

Emily is a senior at Rancho Bernardo High School and she has big plans for herself after graduation. She plans on traveling and seeing part of the world, only a part of it because she plans on finishing her education sometime this century.

Emily! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Thank you for finding me on the internet and liking my art the best :) Says a lot about you 😉

And thank you for being so beautiful and fun to hang around with. I wish you fun times and lots of growth on your travels and through your education.

Love her shirt!

I love, love, love this image.


And more GORGEOUS!

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It was almost four years ago when I first laid eyes on Emily. She had just transferred to Paloma Valley High School from San Diego and I could tell right away that this move was not her idea of a good time. Although I was not her assigned counselor, I knew I had to let this angelic girl know that I was in her corner.

Throughout the years she would come visit me in my office, catch me up on her life, ask questions about classes and of course she’s no different from the almost 3,000 student population, she would sneak in a request or two to change classes. I of course would do no such thing for her 😉

Emily, I’ve watched you grow up these last three years and I’ve seen an amazing young woman overcome so much and come out stronger and happier because of it. I know you are doing great things and are going to continue to do amazing things with your life. I am so proud of who you are!

Stay Fabulous!

Now onto Pictures!

We started off at Balboa Park, then traveled across the bridge to Coronado and ended the session on the beach.


Does it get any sweeter than this?

Emily was so fabulous! She was laying on ants in the below picture but she was willing to sacrifice to get the shot! I love it when seniors are up for an adventure!

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