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Fall Mini Sessions 2015

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Fall Mini Sessions for families and couples

Fall Mini Sessions 2015

All sessions are reserved on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Email Harmony at to book your session

Available in Holstebro, Denmark only
Dates: October 4th – 12th
Time: Between 15:00 and 18:00 (based upon availability)

$1000 kr Includes:
• 30 Minute Session
• Your choice of 20 high resolution images with the rights to print
• Online Gallery of images for 2 weeks to view, select, and download your 20 images

• If it rains, the shoot will go on
• You can bring up to 8 people to your session
• Dogs / Pets are welcome

• Credit Card, Mobil Pay, or Cash

Photography mentor sessions, Harmony Loves

I’m finally officially launching my mentoring sessions. I’ve had them available for awhile but I’ve been shy and haven’t really talked about them openly… So, this is me talking about me and how I want to share with y’all all I know about photography. Will my mentor sessions make you a better photographer? Uh, hell no! You know what will though, you getting out there and shooting every single day of your life… shoot till your fingers fall off, shoot till your eyes hurt, shoot till pigs fly… you get the point, right?
However, I’m more than willing to share what I know. I know the frustrations of a beginning photographer…I attended a workshop early on and the photographer leading the workshop said that I should be shooting manually so I turned the switch on my lens to manual and shot away, not knowing what she meant was that I should be telling my camera what aperture and shutter speed to be on. All my images were blurry… why me!! why me?? I think I would’ve benefited way more with a one on one session where I’d be free to ask any questions I wanted without fear of people laughing at me. And I would’ve walked away knowing the difference and MAYBE I would’ve had in focused images.

All mentor sessions will be catered to you and your needs… want to learn more about light, posing, shooting on manual, all of the above? We’ll chat prior to your session so we can nail down what it is you want to learn.

So, if you are interested in learning from me click here for more information.

There are tons of nice people in this world. Sweet and extraordinary people. People who are genuinely fun to be around and put a smile on your face every time you simply hear their name. Marissa is one of those people. I swear I am not even exaggerating. Anyone that knows her can attest to this. She is fun, funny, sweet, kind, quarky, and one of the best people I know. She’s also an extraordinary photographer, a wife, and recently left us all in San Diego and moved to Hawaii. If I didn’t adore her so much I may just be mad at her for a really long time.

Marissa and Eddie have been married for awhile and recently (semi-recently) celebrated their five year anniversary, so she asked for pictures to celebrate and document this amazing time in their lives. Our other good friend, Katie and I were extremely honored to photograph Marissa and Eddie at The Pearl this past December.

Marissa and Eddie! Can you two be any more in love, funny, crazy, smiley… you guys melt my heart and make me smile! Thank you so much for being a friend, Marissa! I will miss our lunches, our talkes, our laughs together. Please come back soon!

Congratulations on your new adventure together!

And a huge thank you to The Pearl, the staff, and Kimberly at The Pearl! Much love!


You are unbelievably gorgeous!

This is Marissa… all day. every day… all smiles


Puerto Rico

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I’m writing or more like texting this blog from my phone and I’ve had to delete several times because I can’t seem to use my two thumbs correctly.
I’m sitting in my hotel room, air conditioning on high at 7 in the morning. For you Californians, that’s 3 am for y’all. It’s hot here in Puerto Rico, even at this early hour.
As I sit here I’m thinking about the wedding I’ll be shooting today, hoping it doesn’t rain, and appreciating the opportunity to be on this beautiful island.
This is my last wedding of the year and I am overwhelmed with gratitude for this past year. I’ve certainly struggled at times but I wouldn’t change a thing. I’ve learned to take the good great with the bad not so great.
And this… this is some of the great…


She contacted me from Sisseton-Wahpeton Dakota reservation in South Dakota where she was living and teaching. A family friend that we both have in common thought she may like my work and recommended that she give me a call. Some may say she contacted me under happier times… but looking at her now, I’d say she’s happier now than ever before.

Maya is a gorgeous young woman-inside and out. She’s brave and wise beyond her years. Through it all she kept her head held high and a big, beautiful smile on her face. It was a day designed to make her feel beautiful, but instead, she showed me what beauty is and how to handle what life may throw your way.

Maya, I am so grateful to have met you. You showed me what beauty and grace looks like in times of hardship and change. I know that you are going to take this chance and live… live the way you know will help others. Thank you for initially contacting me and believing in me enough to be a part of your day.

Huge thank you to Amy Clarke for doing Maya’s make up and Dianna for Maya’s hair. Huge thank you to Logan for shooting with me!


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