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Friday Favorites

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Harmony Loves, Yoga Engagement preview of an upcoming engagement session

Friday Favorites
1. Books I’ve read this week: Flat Out Love & Hopeless – if you’re a teenage girl, you’ll most likely love this one (and I, at times am a teenage girl so I really liked this book)

2. This braided up do would be perfect for a wedding or an engagement.

3. Strawberry almond milk! Not a whole lot more you can say about that! And homemade!

4. My love for coconut knows no bounds. I need to make these! You may need to make them too.

5. These bags!

6. A very delicious summery breakfast.

Friday Favorites

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harmonyloves_hayley008preview of an upcoming engagement session

1. This amazing, sweet, heaven on earth is going into my iced coffee!

2. Wouldn’t this be perfect for a wedding, an engagement session, an elopement?

3. It’s May. What does that mean? Cinco de Mayo. And what does that mean? We should eat anything and everything Mexican for this whole month! Let’s start with this!

4. I need this.

5. I’m still on that whole “trying” to quit coffee thing or at least trying to lower my intake and this looks like it could help.

6. Hello! Cute, modest swimsuit!

7. Summer is right around the corner. So, naturally these all will come in handy.

Let’s Get Personal

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Let’s get personal, personal (sing it like the Olivia Newton song, Let’s Get Physical, Physical) and if you’re actually singing it in your head and dancing… we need to be friends! We may even be twinsies!

Harmony02Not the best picture of us… gummy smiles, wrinkled faces but it’s us. And I wish I could give proper photo credit here but I’m not sure who took this photo. Maybe, Jonathan Canlas?

I’m answering questions. Maybe we can get to know each other and by each other I mean me. Maybe it’ll be fun.
So here it goes…

1. Nickname: I don’t really have one. My husband calls me H. Others, when they’re trying to be gangsta will call me H-Dog. I hate it.

2. Hometown: I was born in Arcata but I don’t necessarily have a home town because I moved around so much but if I was forced to pick one it would be Owyhee, Nevada… I’m gonna guess that 9.9 out of 10 people haven’t even heard of it.

3. Current town: Rosarito, Mexico & San Diego, California

4. Education: B.S Secondary Education -health & biology, M.A ED- Counseling, M.A ED- Leadership Administration and I have a partial MBA and PhD, not official but I like to count them anyways.

5. Mermaid or Unicorn: How do I choose?! Mermaid, it’s so pretty under the sea!

6. Blackberry or Iphone: Iphone all the way!

7. Favorite breakfast food: Waffles, pancakes, cinnamon rolls! If I’m not being a fat a$$, then eggs or a green smoothie.

8. Favorite tv show: I don’t really have a favorite. I kind of got caught up in Scandal and House of Cards on Netflix but I don’t sit down and watch something on a regular basis. I do love the food network and the cooking channel. Oh and Kardashians, I’ll watch when my husband isn’t around.

9. What five items would you take from your burning house: My cameras for sure. My computer and hard drive, my dog, my vitamix, and I might go back in for some books.

10. Beach or mountains: Hard one! But I’m a beach girl.

11. Dinner Party wish list (dead or alive): Beyonce, Oprah, Kevin Hart, this is hard… and I’m sure as soon as I publish this I’ll think of ten great people to invite! Oh, Jennifer Lopez! I feel like I’d love to invite some authors but honestly I can’t think of anyone right now. Oh! I’d definitely invite some chefs! Also can’t think of any names right now.

12. Favorite ice cream flavor: Rocky Road! Anything chocolate really. I think coconut and caramel (not together) would be a close second.

13. Favorite Season: Fall

14. Favorite smell: Hmmm… for candles I like grapefruit & vanilla or some weird pairing like that. I like the smell of onions and garlic sauteing. I love the smell of the ocean. I’m really weird about smells. I can smell a lot of things and I don’t like it.

15. Camera: contax 645 (film), hasselblad h1 (film), canon 5d mark II… those are my 3 most used right now.

16. Matte or sparkle: Matte. For right now.

17. Yoga or cycle: I’d have to choose cycle. As much as I would like to be a yoga person, I definitely need to sweat.

18. Favorite flower: Peonies

19. Favorite social media: Instagram but Pinterest is pretty close. Is pinterest social media?

20. Magazine or Ipad: Uh I hate to say it but Ipad. As much as I love print and to hold it, it’s so much clutter and waste.


Friday Favorite Links

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Harmony Loves, San Diego Elopementpementa preview of a San Diego Elopement

1. Free People does it again! This is beautiful, inspiring, and I could seriously watch it over and over and over! I might just be watching the guy over and over!

2. Raspberry Chia Overnight Oats… it’s a delicious as it sounds. I promise! It’s easy, tasty, and healthy-ish.

3. Looking for a place to throw a party, a wedding, your birthday bash… The Venue Report has the very best places and they do all the research for you. One of my favorite venue reports so far is this Flora Farms venue in Los Cabos, Mexico.

4. I failed to add this designer to my Perfect Wedding Dresses post and it definitely belongs in the number one spot. Daughters of Simone is everything I love in a designer/ dress- their brides challenge the traditional wedding and they’re in love with love, celebrating marriage, and creativity!

5. This is my next cook book. But it’s so much more than a cook book! It’s a how to-cookbook-a way of life and it’s definitely in my cart on amazon. I just adore Georgia Pellegrini!

6. I am in love with this post! And more than that I’m in love with the idea of traveling and taking cooking classes that teach how to cook a country’s native cuisine. Thailand is definitely on my bucket list. Bonus: Mango sticky rice!

A few Favorites

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Harmony Loves, Luce Loft Wedding preview of an upcoming wedding at Luce Loft

A few favorites from the internet this week…

1. I discovered a new app and it may be as fun and addicting as instagram. It combines images and stories and it’s gorgeous! I haven’t posted anything yet but I plan to but it’s also fun to just look at other’s stories and images. Stellar is the app and you can get it here.

2. I’m kind of a food fanatic. I like it all and I’m always willing to try new food. And this is something I would definitely try… Maple water!

3. Speaking of loving food, I am obsessed with granola these days. I have a whole board on pinterest dedicated to the nutty, oaty goodness.

4. Hello! Beautiful short wedding dress- It’s the perfect dress for a courthouse elopement!  These dresses and accessories aren’t for the typical bride, so if you’re looking for something different, unique, maybe even a little edgy? Here you go, Bona Drag.

5. Two of my favorite travel blogs right now- Lustt For Life and Ann Street Studio.

6. If you’re at work and don’t want to be seen crying… and not just cry but ugly cry, then don’t watch this.

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