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My husband and I travel into Mexico a few times a month. We both love the food there, well… I just love food. I don’t really discriminate where it’s from. I also love to shoot film in Mexico. I love the open land, the carts of food on every corner, animals everywhere, and it’s a mini adventure every time.

Here are a few images from a couple of weeks ago.

This is my husband. He’s always “take a picture of me!” whereas I’m always “don’t take a picture of me!”

San Diego | Family

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Two weeks ago I shot  a beautiful family here in San Diego. I was nervous. Nervous because it was my first time shooting all film. I left my digital camera at home to force myself to not rely on it. I wanted so badly to turn my camera around to look at the back, I actually did a few times but saw nothing. When my film arrived yesterday I was praying the exposure was ok, praying I had more in focus than not, knowing my composition would not be the best because I was worried about other things. As I was looking at the images today I only saw the smiles and laughs, a family full of love, and three beautiful children full of life. Rosy and David recently adopted 2 boys and a baby girl and I can’t express how excited and happy I am for their whole family. It was truly an honor to be a part of their lives and to capture this moment in time for them. Much love!

Contax 645

Kodak Portra 400

Film | Mexico

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It’s noon and I’m finally peeling myself off the couch. My husband is at work and that can only mean one thing! I get to watch and catch up with my friends…. REALITY TV! Lala’s Full Court Life, Keeping up with the Kardashians, and Jersey Shore! Oh, how I’ve missed my friends! I know what you’re thinking! You’re thinking I have no life. Aaaand you’re probably right! 😉

A couple of months ago, back when I had a life, I traveled to Mexico City, Puebla and other cute little towns along the way. I brought my Contax 645 and practiced my film skills on Mexico’s gorgeous architecture, old churches, and beautiful scenery.

Some things I love about Mexico:

  • of course the architecture
  • the history
  • ornate, gorgeous churches
  • you get to eat a lot and still lose weight… watch out for the cheese! 😉
  • they have Starbucks!
  • the yummy sweet bread
  • their coffee is to die for!
  • food. every where. on every corner. but watch out for the unrefrigerated cheese!

Here are few shots from my travels.



This is my husband. He’s looking mean but he’s not :)

Left: I know this may be weird for me to say but that statue has a very nice behind “nalgas”. Those of you who have been there know exactly what I’m talking about 😉

Right: a young couple at Starbucks. Every time I saw a Starbucks I would shout “There’s Starbucks!”… it got old. fast! But it felt like home to see a piece of home.


The churches of Puebla, Mexico

I’m hoping one day soon, I’ll travel to Mexico to shoot a wedding. In one of these gorgeous churches!


Churros! Of every kind!


All images were shot on the Contax 645

Film: Fujifilm 400H & Kodak Portra 400

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