Meet Harmony

I know this is going to sound cheesy and maybe even a bit cliché but I’m going to go ahead and say it and get it out of the way… I love LOVE! It’s true, I do! And the best part is, I get to experience it and capture it everyday.

My name is Harmony

I’m a twin

I’m a wife

I’m a step mom

I love to laugh

I’m completely and embarrassingly inappropriate at times- borderline 13 year old boy type of stuff 😉

I’m obsessed with reality t.v.

I love breakfast for dinner

P. Diddy said Hi to me on the streets of NY- I’m pretty sure that may have put me on the map 😉

Green tea ice cream and warm sticky rice together… the bomb!

I love to eat so by default I have to exercise

Before becoming a photographer I was a high school biology teacher and then a high school counselor

Want to know more random stuff about me? Look through the things I love to get a glimpse of my life.

things i love...

if I’m being honest, this is my love of all loves. I go to sleep at night, happy to shut my eyes because I know in the morning I’ll have coffee. I’ve tried to quit several times but it never lasts.


I love to shoot but I think I really fell in love when I started shooting film. The color, the feel, the deliberateness of each shot that forces me to slow down and think about the people in front of me… nothing compares to film. And shooting with a contax only makes film yummier

pinterest/ instagram


by far my two favorite social media sites. pretty pictures and recipes!  my idea of a perfect saturday morning includes coffee and pinning.


if you ask my husband, he’d say my phone is glued to my hand. I say it’s my life line. It’s the peanutbutter to my jelly, the marshmallows to my yams, the sonny to my cher, the pin to my interest … basically it completes me.

food magazines

I really love magazines and you put food in a magazine… heaven on earth.  My second dream job is to work for sunset magazine or food & wine as a traveling, eating photographer.


I know I said coffee is my love of all loves but coffee is probably a close second to chocolate. If there’s chocolate, I’m there. I’m a total homebody and would sit at home instead of a party any day but if I knew there was a dessert table and chocolate, I’d gladly give up my couch, reality t.v., and sweats in a heart beat.


it’s really a love/ hate relationship. I love to read but when I do, nothing else exists and I don’t see the light of day until I’m finished with the book. there’s no balance in my life, it’s late nights and complete dysfunction until I finish.


not only do I love to eat but I love to cook. I am a total foodie! I spent a good part of my life despising the kitchen and anything and everything to do with it… now my idea of a good time is looking at cookbooks and deciding what color le creuset pan I want.

My Dog

this is my sweet lola. She loves donuts, loves to read and likes long runs on the beach. She’s my partner in crime and I adore her.