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It’s been awhile, way too long… I’ve been consumed… by a good book. It’s great to read a good book but I’m the type of person that spends every waking moment reading and the balance in my life goes out the window. Aaaaand! I’m missing my friends that I just spent a week with, every waking moment with… my reality is teetering, and I’m having to cope with the loss.  see, this is why I shouldn’t read. I have no control!

In my other world, this is what I’ve been up to…

travelled to long beach to hear Matt of www.mattbites.comspeak about food photography. I’ve followed his blog for years and when a good friend called me up to tell me he was speaking, I was all over it. He’s funny, cute, and he’s my bff- my reality is still a little bit shaky

traveled to Lake Tahoe to photograph an elopement with Logan and Amy. Amy is a great singer and make up artist but a horrible driver. Logan is a great photographer but a horrible dj. And I’m definitely horrible at giving directions, I’ve lived there for years but couldn’t remember anything!

finally watched The Vow and I cried about 10 different times… hard, sobbing cries. it was not pretty!

I’m on week 6 of Insanity and it just doesn’t get easier. the first month tricks you. makes you think the workout is doable… so not the case for the second month!

I shot an all fim engagement session at Keys Creek Lavender Farm– my first time there and it’s an amazing, beautiful place!

On my Tahoe trip I had my first plate of chicken and waffles and I’m in love!!! IN! LOVE!

the rest of my life in instagram pics:

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My husband and I travel into Mexico a few times a month. We both love the food there, well… I just love food. I don’t really discriminate where it’s from. I also love to shoot film in Mexico. I love the open land, the carts of food on every corner, animals everywhere, and it’s a mini adventure every time.

Here are a few images from a couple of weeks ago.

This is my husband. He’s always “take a picture of me!” whereas I’m always “don’t take a picture of me!”

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