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Two weeks ago I shot  a beautiful family here in San Diego. I was nervous. Nervous because it was my first time shooting all film. I left my digital camera at home to force myself to not rely on it. I wanted so badly to turn my camera around to look at the back, I actually did a few times but saw nothing. When my film arrived yesterday I was praying the exposure was ok, praying I had more in focus than not, knowing my composition would not be the best because I was worried about other things. As I was looking at the images today I only saw the smiles and laughs, a family full of love, and three beautiful children full of life. Rosy and David recently adopted 2 boys and a baby girl and I can’t express how excited and happy I am for their whole family. It was truly an honor to be a part of their lives and to capture this moment in time for them. Much love!

Contax 645

Kodak Portra 400

Jennifer and Efrain were married about two years ago in a courthouse in Brooklyn, New York. They’re both photographers themselves and wanted to plan their dream wedding in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Their love for cameras and Old San Juan inspired their perfect wedding and their vintage details… vintage cameras, vintage cigar boxes, vintage car for transportation, all were thought out details for their love of Old San Juan. Jennifer’s bouquet and Efrain’s boutonniere were made of paper flowers because Jennifer wanted to keep the vintage theme and find a friendlier way of incorporating her love of flowers into their wedding. Their wedding was small and intimate and they invited their closest family and friends to the island. Each table had a thank you gift of miniature tequila bottles with a thank you tag attached. And the other gift was a surprise Puerto Rican band, Grupo Yuvi Plena, that came through the wedding playing their drums and singing Puerto Rican songs. Their family and friends loved it!

Venue: El San Juan Hotel and Casino   Cake: C M Cakes  Rentals: Gala Rentals  DJ: DJ Rockhand  Band: Grupo Yuvi Plena  Hair & Make Up: Caridad Vidro  Car: Pedro A. Perez Soto  Flowers: Etsy: Sunny B




March Preview

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I know, I know… March is almost over and here I am posting a March Preview when it’s almost April. I could say that I’ve been super busy, but why fake the funk… that’s so not the truth. It’s so beautiful out these days and all I want to do is be outside. It’s officially spring but it feels more like summer. And speaking of spring, there’s this bird outside my window that clearly needs to find a mate. I literally feel like I’m in Failure to Launch, Kit vs the mockingbird! Kit- What the hell kind of devil bird chirps at night? My thoughts exactly! I feel like I’m going insane. I’m not a violent person but have a bird chirp all night long, every night will have the sanest person snap.

There’s no lead-in into this post so here are some beautiful weddings and engagements I have coming up, hopefully soonif the devil bird outside allows me to get some sleep.


Kristen + Mike | San Diego Engagement


Daniela + Russ | Oak Canyon Nature Center Engagement


Kelli + Clayton | Temecula Ranch Wedding


Alex | Head Shots

Just doing a little catching up. I haven’t been posting as much as I should, oh the story of my life. The weather has been so nice this winter so that’s where I’ve been… outside, at the beach, shooting, etc. I also went to Las Vegas last month for WPPI (photography convention… NERD! give me a break, I used to attend science teacher conventions) and usually Vegas in miserable during the winter, but it was surprisingly nice.

And here’s what else I’ve been up to…

enjoying san diego sunsets

and days at the beach

shooting film more and more and loving it. i’m shooting my first all fim session today, wish me luck

baking, I tried to make creme brulee for the first time and thought I could get away with a regular lighter to torch the top. that was a big failure. but the rest of it was pretty good

i went to vegas with a fun group of people last month, Logan, Amy- who decided it was a good idea to paint her nails in the car and then stick them out the window to dry, and probably the funniest and maybe the loudest person I know, Dianna- she’s the one with the snake

we explored the vegas strip, although I used to live there and i’ve seen the strip, it was fun anyways. Logan took pics while Amy, Dianna, and I shopped and looked around

Lola found her long lost triplets, they look exactly alike running around

my new obsession and probably the worst thing for me right now is draw something. my drawing skills are not great but i think i have a knack of conveying my message anyways. my two drawings i love so far are brad pitt and angelina jolie and the lorax

i saw the largest lobster ever last weekend in la jolla

Logan and I started off our wedding season (I say Logan and I cause we shoot together a lot) last week at an amazing venue right outside of temecula. does it get any better than a bride and a boat?

i’ve lived in san diego for a couple of years now and finally explored old town a little. very cute!

Here is a gorgeous ranch wedding in the mountains of San Diego. Shot this rustic, vintage inspired wedding with my great friend Katie.

Venue: Willow Creek Events
Makeup & Hair : Friend of the Bride
Cake: Made by Family friend
Caterer: Jalisco Taqueria
Dress Designer: Watters In Cabo Dress
Flowers: Sue Williams (venue owner) and Karen Williams (friend)
Groom’s Attire: Alfani Red Label
Jewelry: Banana Republic/Nordstrom
Shoe Designer: Ivanka Trump
Hair Accessories: Lo Boheme


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