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The day started off perfect. Miki was getting ready at Russell’s parents house with his two sisters who were now Miki’s sisters as well. The weather was a little dreary but she was relaxed, happy, and sweeter than an all sugar pie. Miki and Russell are low key kind of people and they wanted their day to reflect just who they are. They chose an intimate wedding with their closest friends and family at the Point Vicente Interpretive Center– a beautiful, small location with a perfect view of the Point Vicente Lighthouse and the Pacific Ocean.

I’m so excited to share this wedding with y’all. I shot this with my good friend Katie and I’m honored to have been able to document such a beautiful, kind couple. Thank you so much Katie!

Here are some of my favorites from the day:


Venue: Point Vicente Interpretive Center

Planning & Design: Sweet Emilia Jane

Floral Design: The Floral Lab

Catering: Auntie Em’s

Makeup & Hair: Stella Kae

Rope Installation: Jessica Pezalla

Miki’s Dress & Bolero: The Lovely Bridal Shop (NYC)

They met while playing in a band. They traveled together, sang together, played together, and really got to know each other. But for the longest time, they were friends. Not just friends, but really good friends. It was probably Claire’s smile that caught Patrick’s attention… or maybe it was her laugh… well, actually it was most likely her eyes- they’re gorgeous and the kind of eyes that people write songs about. But to be honest, I don’t think it was Claire doing the attracting. I believe it was Patrick… his love for sports (yeah, girls do like that about guys 😉 ), his kindness, and his ability to make Claire laugh and smile on a daily basis.

The story of attraction may be blurred but Claire and Patrick are together now. Friends still… but more in love than ever before.

I had so much fun shooting these two. They both have the best smiles and laughs and I’m so happy to be able to capture their fun personalities. We met in down town San Diego to start off their session then moved to Petco Park where the light was perfect and then finally ended at Fiesta Island for some fun field shots.

Claire and Patrick will be getting married this November in San Juan Capistrano and I can’t wait to see their smiling faces smile even bigger on their weeding day!

We started off in a parking garage… who knew the light would be amazing in a garage?

See! Claire has the smile of the year!


Patrick and Claire are huge baseball fans and well, pretty much all sports.

And the light was amazing here as well.

I think my husband might have captured this shot and I may be a bit jealous 😉

I loooove when clients smile, laugh, and have a great time!




October Preview

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Yea! It’s finally October! That means pulling out my ugg boots and of course tentatively sticking my hand in and checking for spiders. Not like I have a lot of spiders in my house but it just freaks me out not to check what’s been living in there for the last 7 months. They are cozy, soft, and warm so why wouldn’t some little creature want to live in there, right?

Since it is October, I have a new preview to share with y’all… some weddings, engagements, and a lifestyle/ fashion shoot.

So get your pumpkin spice latte and your cozy uggs and enjoy! 😉

Nicole + Joey | San Diego Engagement

Gina- Fashion/ Lifestyle Shoot | San Diego


Laurel + Chris | Fresno Backyard Wedding

Jennifer + Mike | Temecula Wedding


So it’s been a crazy few weeks.

Traveling for weddings. Shooting. Eating… a whole lotta eating! Cooking. Baking.  So, I’m going to catch y’all up, Instagram style.

#1. Yes, I was one of those geeks watching the live blogging for the release of the new iphone. I’m a little disappointed but it’s all good still. I’ll definitely be getting the new phone anyways.

#2. Finally had sushi yesterday. It’s been a long time. If any of y’all live near San Diego or Oceanside, Harney Sushi has the best sushi ever! Ever!

#3.  The beautiful Mission in San Juan Capistrano.

#4.  I had Swedish pancakes for the first time and I’m smitten. I ate them on Sunday and I haven’t stopped thinking about them since.

#5. Logan and I photoboothing it up at a wedding.

#6. Logan and I traveled to Fresno this past weekend for a cute backyard wedding.

 #7. On the way to Fresno, we stopped at a few factories, fruit stands, and other cute little quirky places. This is Pancho and he was not very friendly.

#8. My first time seeing a walnut tree. Which by the way is not a “nut”.

#9. The gorgeous Tejon Ranch– where they film all types of movies. They have it all, Safari, Desert, Orchards… pretty much any type of scenery you’re looking for.

#10. Shooting Gina and crossing no trespassing signs- those are just there for looks, right?

#11. Made a homemade pumpkin spice latte. I may never go back to Starbucks. I kid! Of course I’ll go back… for their pumpkin bread.

#12. San Diego Style Wedding Magazine had their release party last week and it was amazing. The carnival theme, gold lounges, and tents were to die for. I’m definitely on a quest to try to convince my step-son and future daughter in law for a carnival style wedding.

 #13. Shooting in Coronado at Loews Coronado Bay.

#14. Shooting a fun backyard wedding in Hermosa Beach with Katie.

#15. I made Martha Stewart’s apple-pie cake. It was deeelish!

#16. My attempt to start working out… again. It lasted for a day.

#17. Two days after an accidental poisoning, Lola is still kickin.

#18. Lola, lookin all cute and clean!

#19. I made pumpkin scones and I failed miserably. They are not easy to make. They’re sticky, gooey and maybe I went wrong somewhere.

#20. My jury duty training. I did get to see Reggie Bush’s mom so that was exciting.

#21. Some film scans of my husband. Who, by the way, is always down to model.

#22. My favorite dancing queens at Aileen’s wedding last month.

#23. My husband’s favorite meal at Cheesecake factory is Chicken Madeira. So, I thought I’d give it a shot and it was a success.

#24. Caught two sweet girls swinging at Monteleone Meadows.

#25. Key Lime Pie!

#26. Bought my first pair of Frye boots. I got them in black but now I’m lusting after a pair of brown ones. Just need to lose a little calf meat… or fat. I should probably stop baking and eating 😉

#27. I’m on a new kick of dying my own hair… well, actually my husband is dying my hair. It’s cheaper and really, it’s the same things as the salon. I think I’m trying to convince myself more than anything.


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