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I’m sitting at my computer when I should be getting ready for an engagement session. My husband is periodically calling out the time, “it’s 12:30.” it’s really 11:45, “it’s 12:50.” it’s really 11:50. He does this cause he knows I live at the corner of late st and late ave. I’m always late! I like to call it using my time wisely. I mean, what good is it too arrive at my destination early only to sit and wait… that’s wasting time. He likes to get somewhere 2 hours early and then sit and wait. What? Who does that? I’m all about using my time effectively. He always tells me that being on time is late…uh, no! On time, is not late… it’s on time!

Soooo, this July Preview is on time, cause it’s still July 😉


Emily + Josh | Glendora Backyard Wedding


Alice + Jason | Twin Oaks Garden Estate Wedding


Amanda + Danny | Nelson, Nevada Engagement


Lindsey + Ben | Palm Springs Engagement


Maya | Crystal Cove Lifestyle Session

It was a day that Erin had been waiting for. She was going to marry the love of her life, her best friend Jeff. She was glowing and smiling from ear to ear as we walked into her hotel room. She was so excited and she wanted everyone to know that she was the luckiest girl on earth to be marrying such a wonderful man. You probably couldn’t have paid Erin enough not to smile that day.

Erin and Jeff were married at Westlake Village Inn. They were surrounded by their friends and family as they said I Do and danced the night away.

Jeff and Erin… I am so grateful to have met you two. You are wonderfully made for each other and just the smile on Erin’s face that day says how much love is between you two. I wish I could express to you how much fun we had that day and how well we were treated. Thank you so much! Thank you for being so kind, fun, loving, and giddy! I hope to see you both soon!

Thank you to Logan for shooting with me!

Erin’s grandparents mean the world to her and she wanted to include them in her day.

The first look! I love Erin’s smile!

Smiles all day long! I love it!

They both sat on the bleachers in their high school gym. The same row and right next to each other. He did most of the talking as she watched (or tried to) the basketball game. It wasn’t their first date, it was just a day where he finally had the chance to talk to her. He knew he was in the friend zone, but he was ok with that. Keenin wanted to be her friend.

Aileen didn’t realize that the boy sitting next to her, the one that did most of the talking, would soon win her heart, and be the man she wanted to spend the rest of her life with. With time, that’s exactly what happened. Aileen fell in love… with her best friend.

It’s been four years since they sat on those bleachers. Four years of being best friends. Four years of Keenin watching Aileen grow into a gorgeous, christian woman. Four years of Aileen seeing how much Keenin cared for her and her family.

These two people mean the world to me. I’ve known them both separately and now together and there’s no doubt in my mind that they truly belong together. I’m honored to be photographing their wedding in Murietta this September and even more honored to be a part of their lives.

Congratulations to you both! I adore you two and I’m so excited to see you start your lives together!

Aileen and Keenin will be moving to Alaska soon so they wanted their engagement session to be a reminder of what California feels like… and what does California feel like? Sunny, warm, and yes! the beach! We spent the afternoon at Crystal Cove enjoying the sand, the sound of the waves, and unfortunately, the sunless sky 😉



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