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Happy 4 years!

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Four years ago today I married my best friend…

the man who squeezes lime on everything

the perpetual optimist

my partner in crime

you have the ability to talk to people and make them feel safe

you’re extremely funny, even when I don’t want to find you funny

thank you for our mini vacations

thank you for showing me different ways

thank you for dreaming out loud and thank you for giving me the permission to do the same

thank you for promising to love me forever


I am so grateful to have you in my life and by my side

four years later and I am deeply and madly in love with you!

Happy Anniversary!

why does it look like he’s struggling??

Ok, it’s been awhile since I chatted with y’all. And it’s been random and inconsistent. So, I’ll update you all, show you some previews, and hopefully not bore you to death…

first things first… I’m sick!! aaaannd it sucks!! I’ve been locked up in my house for 3 days and I’m miserable. AND IT IS NOT PRETTY! Who gets sick in the summer? I haven’t been sick since November and now that summer is here, I get a cold? are you serious??

last week I went to Mexico City. I wish I could say I was there to photograph a wedding but sadly that was not the case. One day though! I went only to visit. And I took lots of pictures. I’ll show a few now and I’ll blog more later. I also shot film with my contax and I’m excited to see those images.

Some things about Mexico City:

  • drivers do not stop at stop signs. I am not exaggerating! there are very few stop signs around but when there is one, people do not stop.
  • I may never complain about california traffic again… well, not for the next month or so until my memory of the madness there wears off
  • having animals is the new black. some people’s houses are mini zoos. I don’t get. I wanted to set them all free! apes, cheetahs, pumas, birds, and shetland ponies.
  • And yes! this cute little Puma was a pet in someone’s house!

  • you could do all of your grocery shopping on your drive home and not have to leave your car at all. each traffic light or street corner offers fruit, cheese, flowers, tortillas, tacos, candy, gum, desserts and the list goes on! 3 stop lights later and you have the ingredients for dinner that night.
  • speed bumps are placed randomly and without warning. no warning signs and most are not painted to show you they exist. it’s only when you bottom out and your muffler or bumper is is left behind that you realized there was a speed bump… or should I say speed hill?!
  • they have rows and rows and rows! AND ROWS! of yogurt in their grocery stores.
  • they have these cute bear flower designs. I don’t know why I’m fascinated by these but we may be missing out here in the states.

More on Mexico City later.

As soon as I returned to the states (I like saying that, makes me sound worldly), I had an engagement session with two of my favorite people. Aileen and Keenin are getting married this fall and I am so honored to be asked to photograph their wedding.

And before I left the states (yep, worldly!), Dani and Mike at The Muckenthaler Mansion

And that ends my worldly travels and updates… for now. I’m forcing myself to shower and maybe reintroduce myself to the sun. Sick and pale does not look good on me.

They met online. But not in the typical or eharmony way. They met on craigslist… they were both in the market to change their living situations. Adam was looking for a place to live and Theresa was looking for a new roommate. Theresa and her friend placed an ad in craigslist and waited anxiously for the characters to roll in.

Adam answered the ad that same day and Theresa and her roommate decided to interview him. She was smitten right away. He was charming, funny, and said the word “wooder” in a weird but funny way. He thought she was cute… blonde, funny, and she was rockin some killer heels. They both parted ways but thought about each other constantly.

Theresa and her roommate talked it over and decided Adam couldn’t be their new roommate. It wasn’t that he wasn’t perfect, or wouldn’t fit in with them… it was that he was cute, funny, and perfect for Theresa.

Adam and Theresa are getting married this summer at Rancho Las Lomas and I am so excited and grateful to be apart of their lives! Thank you both so much! You both are so fun and FUNNY! I love the way you both laugh at everything. You made my job so easy and fun :)

Thank you to Rita for shooting with me!

Here are some of my favorites from their engagement session at Venice Canals and Venice Beach.




They met in high school PE. They became fast friends and stayed friends through out their high school years. They even went to prom together… as friends. It was the summer after they graduated that they both realized that their years of friendship turned into a deep appreciation and love for one another.

That friendship, appreciation and love for each other would be tested for the next chapter of their lives. Brett went onto college at UC San Diego and Kathy to UC Irvine and then eventually moved to New York to complete her education. Through out the time and distance, Brett and Kathy remained… remained friends… remained in love.

Kathy and Brett were married at the Kindred Community Church in Anaheim, CA and had an amazing reception at the Mon Cheri.

Kathy and Brett!! Thank you so much for being so kind and welcoming. You two and your family were beyond amazing!

thank you to Rita for shooting with me.

And a huge thank you to Darcie of Joyful Wedding and Events for coordinating everything! And I can’t forget Peter of Studio 205 Films for being such an amazing videographer and our partner in crime that day.





He walked in the door with two other Mikes. Dani was introduced to each Mike as they came into the party, Dani, this is Mike, Mike, and Mike. She politely said hi to each Mike and then went about her way. She was mingling, smiling, and having a good time, but there was something about that one Mike that really got her attention. In a sea of Mikes, this one really stood out.

And stood out he did. Mike got more than Dani’s attention, he captured her heart. Dani and Mike are getting married this Saturday at The Muckenthaler Mansion.

Dani and Mike! I am forever grateful to you two. You both are so fun and I completely adore you. I loved hanging out with you and I can’t wait for Saturday!

And a huge thank you to Chad! You are an amazing videographer and even better person! Much love!


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