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Kristin and Dustin had an amazing beach style wedding this past August in San Clemente, California. I had a fabulous time shooting this wedding with Bethany of Bethany Belle Photography and Megan of Megan Ann Photography. And Kristin, the bride, is an amazing photographer as well- Kristin and Dustin are partners in Smetona Photo.

Thank you so much to Bethany, Megan, Kristin & Dustin. You all are wonderfully amazing, beautiful and so much fun.

Some of my favorites from the day:

Kacee Geoffroy did a fabulous job on Kristin’s hair and Makeup

The first look on the San Clemente Beach Pier

I loooove Kristin’s laugh. This was her all day long!

Dustin sang as Kristin walked down the aisle. So sweet!

Amanda Auer of In The Now Weddings and Events did a gorgeous job on the wedding!

Cake pops!!

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On my mind

/ Personal

Just some randomness, stuff on my mind, things I’m obsessing over, and a whole lotta pointlessness.

– I’m sick and I’m a “bad” sick. You know those people who drink and they turn ugly, they’re a “bad” drunk. Well, I’m a “bad” sick. I turn ugly… and not just my looks. I don’t handle being sick very well. I’m whiney, moody, and an all around horrible person to be around.
– I’m obessed with certain people, celebrities in my little world. Like I would act like a babbling bafoon if I was face to face with them. These people are Jlo, Kim Kardashian, Jose Villa and… Matt Armendariz!
And guess what! HE LOVES ME! It’s true, he even put it on facebook. So, clearly it’s true! Matt Armendariz is my crush. He’s a food blogger, photographer and just a cute and funny guy. And he hearts me, see:

– Here’s something that I can’t stop thinking about. I can’t escape it! It is consuming me- I was watching the news the other day and they did a segment on how dogs should not sleep in your bed. They can pass on parasites and the bubonic plague. I’m freaking out. See, this is why ignorance is bliss!!

– I feel like my life is complete with Kim & Kourt back on tv.

– I’m loving American Idol with the new judges. I’m especially loving Jlo!

– I was telling my husband last night about how my father would cook frozen fried chicken on the engine of our motor home while growing up. My father would wrap frozen fried chicken in tin foil, place it on the engine, drive for about an hour, and voila! heated chicken!  His reply to that story, “That story right there, explains so much and answers a lot of questions I had about you.” I’m not quite sure how to take that.

– I finally beat someone in words with friends. After a loooong losing streak, I won!

– I know this has been on a million and one other blogs but I can’t help but not to share it. Pure genius!

The Sartorialist

Letting yourself fall in love everyday

Just be in the world that you’re in

I didn’t grow up dreaming to be a photographer. I didn’t assist for anybody. I just started doing it.

Be able to create the most beautiful image they can in the most simple way they can

– Yes, I’m one of those people. The ones that dress their dogs in clothes. The ones that buy their dogs cupcakes from Sprinkles.

– I really want to see the new Justin Bieber movie, Never Say Never. I’m a total sucker for a “beat the odds”, “you’ll never make it” inspirational type of movie, especially when it’s real.

Ok, this is a whole lotta information and let’s be honest, a whole lotta nonsense. So, I’ll end it here. Happy Tuesday! :)

Formula Once Actions has a new set of actions out and they are Deeeelicious!

The new Organics Collection is clean, fresh, simple with a hint of vintage and a whole lot of spectacular.

They asked me for some samples and I am beyond excited to show you.

Oh! And they redesigned this round of actions to be easier to use!

Here are some before and after with the actions used (all before pictures are straight out of camera)


after        action used: fall wheat


after           action used: tequila sunrise


after          action used: winter frost


after          action used: vintage linen


after          action used: wild dunes


after          action used: sandstone


after           action used: b&w classic


after          action used: sun kiss

Do you like what you see? Head on over there and get you some goodness!

Part of my story

/ Personal

You know those days when everything goes right for you… and then there are those weeks when everything goes wrong?

Well, I’m having one of those weeks.

I keep telling myself it’s part of my story

I wanted to book a couple for a wedding, badly. We talked on the phone, she told me about her amazing dress and details. About her and her fiance. She sounded fun, nice, and amazing. I then get an email saying they’ve decided on another photographer.

I tell myself that rejection happens to everyone and that this, this is part of my story.

A good friend texted me the other day excited to tell me that she booked two more weddings.

Ok, so maybe that isn’t part of my story but it didn’t help my sad state, at all.

I emailed an individual in the wedding industry, asking to be part of her group (lack of a better word here). She emails me back, kindly letting me know that I couldn’t join her group (I know, group sounds lame) and that I don’t have weddings to show.

Again, I tell myself, more like try to convince myself, that this is part of my story.

My story I will tell when I’ve finally made it. When I’m booking weddings and people are knocking down my door, asking me to be a part of their groups- I will tell the story of my rejections, heartaches, failures, and tears.

So what am I going to do in the meantime… cry about it? Well, yes, yes I am! For the next five minutes, anyways. And then I’m going to thank my friends, who lie to me and tell me how good I am and that it’s just a matter of time before I become too busy to even be their friend. And then I’m going to thank my husband who hugs me and makes me laugh by telling me everyone sucks and that I’m the best photographer in the world.

And then maybe I’ll cry one more time, just to make sure it’s out of my system.

A picture to hopefully make you smile after such a depressing post :)

Neddie & Sal invited their relatives and closest friends to celebrate their cute vintage rock-n-roll wedding in Corona, Ca. Their unique and colorful details- blue wedding shoes, peacock feathers, cute-short wedding dress, white & black wedding tux, added flare and personality to their fun & funky styled wedding.

Shot with my partner in crime Logan Cole, an extraordinary photographer!

After the ceremony, Neddie changed into her second dress and we headed to Corona Heritage Park for Bride & Groom pictures

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