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Jessica Rey Swimwear- modest swimwear for women

Jessica Rey, formally known as White Tiger Wild Force Ranger, has designed a new line of modest, vintage swimsuits to fit the modern gal. Last month Logan Cole & Kirstin Rogers invited me to shoot Rey’s new line with them and we all had an amazing time!

Gorgeous models, fabulous hair & make up, and freezing temperatures… that just spells FUN right there! :)

Thank you Jessica for creating such a fabulous line of swimwear that everyone can wear! A HUGE thank you to Logan & Kristin… you two are beyond amazing. The true dream team! ūüėČ


Photographers: Harmony Loves, Logan Cole, Kristin Rogers

Swim Suits by – Jessica Rey

Models – Lindsey, Candace, Vanessa and Denise

Make Up – Sheila Northcutt & Kimberly Bragalone

Hair – Dianna Lopez


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A couple of days ago I tweeted about my good fortune at the Starbucks counter:

ordered a tall latte & a slice of gingerbread. Barista handed me a grande latte & 2 slices of gingerbread. Went to the mall and got front row parking… Maybe I should play the lotto today.

It was a good day!

I didn’t go buy a lottery ticket that day. I wasn’t trying to push my luck. It was a good day and I just wanted to enjoy my¬†caffeine¬†and sugar high (and yes, I ate both slices of bread. I tried to save one for later… but that thought lasted for about 30 seconds).

Later on that same day while surfing the net, I stopped by TRA‘s site to enter their 12 Days of Giveaways. That particular day they were giving away Into the Darkroom blog & websites.

I commented and went on my merry way. Does anyone reeeeaaally win those things??

On Christmas Eve I got an email saying I won the giveaway!

Looking back, I should’ve bought a lottery ticket! But getting that email from Kristen that day felt like I had won the lotto!

It was a great day!

Thank you a thousand times over to TRA & Into the Darkroom! You all made my day, year and Christmas!

And I know that everyone says this… but it’s true, I swear! I NEVER win anything!

Wait! It doesn’t end there! Know what else I got that day?

A husband who thought it was cute to run my clean white dog through the mud!

This is Lola… ¬†having a great day!

It was a young love… a young love that lasted through out the years. A love that started in high school. A boy and his 14 friends and a girl and her 14 friends. Together, all 30 of them, they weathered the storms, had many laughs and most importantly their friendship lasted through out the years. Yes, all 30 of them.

Michelle and Ruben were married at Twin Oaks Garden Estate in San Marcos, California. It was a rainy day but that didn’t stop them from throwing the best party in town. Michelle and Ruben, you two are amazing! I absolutely adore you two, your friends, and family. I’ve said this a million times before and I’ll say it again, this was by far the craziest and funnest wedding I’ve ever been to. Thank you!

A huge thank to Heidi of Off Guard Photography for allowing me to come along and hang out with you! I heart you!

Mira Mesa High School in San Diego is where Michelle and Ruben met, became friends, and fell in love. So, naturally we returned to the scene of the crime.

Ruben wanted pictures with all of his groomsmen where they all met and had some of the best time in their lives, Mira Mesa High School.

These 15 guys were so fun, funny, and so willing to have their pictures taken. :)

Michelle, you are so very beautiful! And with perfect skin!

Ruben certainly had the best groomsmen but Michelle’s girls certainly gave them a run for their money.

Michelle’s smile and laugh made me have a smile all day long. So much that my cheeks were sore by the end of the day.

I guess little man was scared of all the ladies ūüėČ

Twin Oaks Garden Estate had a Victorian School House, the perfect setting for Michelle’s bridal portraits.

Laughing and crying! I love it!

The party of 32 getting ready to party!

Grand entrance to Bottoms Up! You know it’s going to be a great party!

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I’m really not asking for a lot for Christmas… just some minor things. 8 things to be exact.

1. Kelly Moore Camera Bag in grey- yes! yes, I do need another bag. See, this can be a purse and camera bag. Pure genius!

2. Frye Melissa Button Boots in Dark Brown- I’m pretty sure these will fit over my chubby calves. If not, they’ll still look pretty in my closet!

3. Michael Kors Silver Runway Watch- My husband owns at least 6 watches and I don’t even have one. How fair is that… not at all!

4. iphone 4– no explanation needed. It has face time!

5. Lululemon Gift Card- sweet baby jesus and baby santa! hook it up! clothes that triple as exercise clothes,¬†loungewear, and pj’s! it’s heaven on your body!

6. Tiffany Sunglasses– ok so I don’t NEED these but they are cute and they’ll go perfectly with my other 6 pairs of designer glasses. my other 6 need a new friend!

7. iTunes Gift Card- I’m addicted! to movies, audio books, and apps! I can’t help it!

8. KitchenAid Mixer- I’m a baker by nature. And like most people need air to breath, I need this to bake. It’s that simple. And Santa, please don’t bring me the one where the bowl lifts up. I like the tilt-head one. :)

It was a really crazy day.

1. We decided to shoot at Los Rios Rancho– we wanted apples, trees, snow, and beautiful light. Little did we know that shooting at an apple orchard in the middle of November would yield very cold temperatures and very little apples. Apparently, we failed to do our research :)

2. I decided to make the bouquet and boutonniere. Sweet baby jesus, that was a huge mistake! I seriously thought I could turn a bundle of flowers from costco into a masterpiece. My good friend, Rita and I had to make an emergency stop at a florist and Thomas of Oak Valley Florist rescued us! Thank you Thomas! You are our hero!

3. We traveled so far that we only ended up with an hour to shoot…

It was a crazy but fun and fabulous day!

Thank you to our beautiful models! Lauren & Ozzie! Thank you for braving the cold and being amazing enough not to show that you were freezing… literally!

Thank you to Rita & Christina! Two amazing photographers and friends!

Hair and Makeup done by Jester Glam Squad.

Bouquet & Boutonniere by Thomas Contreras of Oak Valley Florist

Gown by the fabulous Elyse Reuben Couture. See her amazing work in San Diego Style Weddings Magazine

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