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Bernadette has a smile that lights up a room. Combine that with her laugh and you’ve got a killer combo. Burl and Bernadette met at her salon. She would cut his hair and he would soon return to the salon and there’d be nothing to cut. He was running out of hair but he just had to see her. See her smile and hear her laugh before his allotted 8 weeks in between hair cuts. Soon enough he was getting his hair cut for free.

Bernadette and Burl exchanged vows and said I do at the Mission Inn in Riverside California. I shot this wedding with my great friend Heidi of Off Guard Photography.  This wedding was extra special to Heidi because Burl is Heidi’s cousin.. but more like a baby brother to her.

Bernadette & Burl. Your wedding was magical and your first dance-skit-montage was beautiful and hilarious. Thank you for having me and treating me like family!

Heidi! My new bff! Thank you! You are so fun! I smile and laugh all day long when I’m around you… and not just at you when you break lenses :)

Flowers by Galerie de Fleur in Riverside

Apple is a huge part of this family. HUGE!

Bernadette! You are so flippin gorgeous!

Make up by Angie Silka

The look on Bernadette’s grandmother when she saw her in her dress is priceless.

Yes! Gorgeous light and a stunning bride… together it is magic.

Bernadette had both of her fathers walk her down the aisle. I love when people make up their own rules :)

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There are people you meet in this world, some stay with you… some do not. Adriana and Enrique are the type of people that stay with you. It’s hard to forget a crazy, loud, fun, and sweet couple like them. They are amazing and really, I couldn’t have asked for a more laid back and easy going couple to photograph.

Adriana & Enrigue tied the knot on October 23rd. The ceremony was a traditional catholic ceremony held at All Saints Catholic Church in Los Angeles. After the ceremony we headed to Long Beach for bride and groom pictures. And then on to the Westin for the reception.

Adriana & Enrique! Thank you! Thank you for allowing me to hang out with you two on your most important day. I loved that you two went with the flow. You two are crazy and sweet and I adore you! Thank you!

Adriana’s daughter is so beautiful, hence her name, Bella.

Father & Son

This is crazy Adriana. Laughing and having a good time!

Music provided by Maricahi Juvenil

The day was so crazy that we only had 5 minutes with the bride and groom. But I think they definitely worked it for those 5 minutes!

How funny is this?  The little one unfortunately did not catch the garter

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The most random things happen to me in my life.


oh, you want examples…

like when I was five years old, riding in a 1979 Dodsun, bouncing along on a dirt road and I fall out of the truck. Yes! I fall out while the truck is bouncing along the dirt road. I remember the truck with the reverse lights on, backing up to come pick me up.

My sister said she was talking to me and looks over and I was gone.

Who falls out of a truck?

Oh, the safety features of the 79 Datsun are outstanding by the way.

like when Rita and I were in Santa Monica shooting an engagement session on Sunday. After the shoot we decided to have dinner at Bubba Gump and then headed home right after dinner. Of course we hit traffic and decided to get off the freeway to use the restroom (you know how girls are :) )

We get off, drive for about 5 minutes, spot a Starbucks and make a quick left turn. We were not in a safe area. I’m kind of ghetto so a lot of things don’t scare me… this area was definitely questionable.

We go into Starbucks and I kindly allow Rita to use the restroom first, that’s just the kind of friend I am 😉

I look around and I immediately see someone I recognize. She’s sitting at a small table with a friend. Two lap tops, coffee, papers, and they are just chatting away.

I know her! I scream. to myself. inside my head!

Rita comes out and I quickly walk over to her. I’m talking fast and by the look on her face she clearly doesn’t understand a word I am saying. I slow down… OMG! Rita! Look at that girl. The one by the window. She’s wearing a blue-ish button up shirt with a scarf. Go over there and look at her. Isn’t that….

Rita goes over by the table and sits down on a bench to get a better view.

It’s her huh? I just know it is!

Rita agrees with me and tells me to go ask her. What? Are you crazy? I’m not going up to her.

Just do it Harmony!

No, Rita!

I’ll do it then.

Rita calmy walks up to the ladies at the table and starts talking.

Rita, you are my hero!

I see the girl I recognize shake her head yes and that was my que to come over and join the conversation. (Clearly I’m a chicken and had she shook her head no, I would’ve been saved from embarrassment)

We chat with the ladies for a bit and then we ask for a picture. She obliges and we thank her.

who walks into a Starbucks in a very questionable location and spots someone she knows?

Would you have recognized her?

Do you recognize her?

Hint: weddings


Please forgive my hot-mess-ness

It feels like we’ve been friends forever. In fact, I honestly can’t remember the first time we ever met… like bff’s since birth. I arrived at Casa 425 to shoot a wedding with Rita of Clifton Photography and Alicia. It was a gorgeous day, summer was just ending and Claremont was the perfect backdrop for Ashley & Lucas’ wedding.

Shooting a wedding with Rita is hanging out and having an amazing time all day. She is truly an exceptional photographer and even more amazing as a friend. We all three bonded, laughed, learned, and were welcomed into Ashley & Lucas’ family… and that is why I am in love with my job!

Rita! Thank you a million times over. Your heart is pure gold and I am truly blessed to have met you. Alicia, you are a hoot! You will always be my dessert buddy!

Ashley & Lucas, you two are amazing! You were so kind and welcoming and oh-so-gorgeous! Thank you, to you and your families!!

DJ- Paid2Party/Cliff Bell
Caterer- Spaggi’s/Chef Henry
Linens- Elegant Designs Specialty Linens, Inc. (mom made swirl overlays)
Make-Up- Family Friend/ Sheila LaBarge
Hair- Elegance Salon/Teri Brasel
Dress- Bridal Bliss
Shoes- Romantic Soles (jewels put on by bride)
Hair Piece- Teri Brasel
Grooms & Groomsmen Suits- Designer Suit Outlet, Rancho Cucamonga
Florist-  Carol’s Secret Garden 909 946-0333 Claremont

Ashley & Lucas’ kids were so adorable. Straight out of a Gap’s Kids Advertisement!

This was their son’s favorite toy and so of course we had to add Buzz into the picture.

The first look! The emotion in a first look is indescribable. There’s time to experience that and time to enjoy those emotions in a first look.

After the first look, we headed over to Claremont Village for some bride & groom pictures.

Ten dollars to first person to guess Lucas’ celebrity look alike! :)

Woody & Buzz Lightyear, the perfect touch to any wedding 😉

Ashley had both of her parents walk her down the aisle! Love!!

I love this!

Hmm, clearly someone is unhappy about all this :)

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It was one of those weekends. Two weddings and a whole lot of traveling- Los Angeles and back to San Diego and then onto Corona and back to San Diego. Yikes! All I could think of was sleep and when I was going to get it.

Megan and Abel’s wedding was the second wedding of the weekend. It was quaint and relaxing and the perfect way to spend a jammed-packed weekend.

Megan & Abel you two are gorgeous and such an easy going couple. It felt like I got to spend the day with friends, chatting, laughing, and being excited for your day. Thank you for making me feel like a friend and welcomed on your day!

And of course I shot this wedding with the ever-so-amazing Logan Cole!

Make-up by Sheila Northcutt

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