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It’s true… I sleep with a lot of people. Some I sleep with for business and some I sleep with for pleasure but either way it’s A LOT! So many in fact that my husband can no longer fit in the bed, he often has to find sleep elsewhere because that’s easier than trying to move everyone out of the bed. It’s just a habit that came on slowly but with a certain purpose, kind of like an old lady walking to her bingo game.

I know what you’re thinking and really READERS! You need to get your mind out of the gutter! The people that I have been sleeping with are amazing authors of the books that I am wrapped up in reading. They follow their way into my bed at night and yes, we sleep together. We, yes Guy and I have that type of relationship, find that it’s easier to read together and sleep together, to keep each other company and to fill our minds with great conversations and stories.

Here are some of the people I have been sleeping with and my very short review on each:

The Art of the Start- Guy Kawasaki: To be honest, I’ve been trying to read this book for over a year. I’ve now resorted to buying it in audio form

The Brand Called You- Peter Montoya: GREAT!

Eating in the Raw- Carol Alt: my attempts at eating healthy and yet still failing but this book is educational and an easy read

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People- Stephen R. Covey-  GREAT!

Current Audio Books:

The Help- Kathryn Stockett: LOVED IT!

The Walk- Richard Paul Evans: Good

Eat Pray Love- Elizabeth Gilbert: OMG! LOVED IT!!

Purple Cow- Seth Godin: Good

Life Beyond Measure- Sidney Poitier: Good

I’ve been thinking about buying a certain item for awhile now, actually agonizing over it-I’ll give you a hint: it’s an apple product. And I’m horrible at making decisions, I keep going back and forth about it… Should I buy it? Should I wait? Do I really need it or just want it? Will I regret buying it? What if they come out with something better the day after I buy?… Seriously, this goes on with no end in sight.

I do this with most decisions but there are some things that I have bought with no questions, no hesitations and with no regrets… my iPhone (the love of my life), my maltipoo Lola (the other love of my life), my 5D mark II, certain photoshop actions, and of course my 85mm 1.2 lens.

Well, if you’re anything like me and these types of decisions consume you then boy do I have something for you!

What’s better than buying something you like?

Getting it for free!!

That’s right! The fabulous team at Formula One Actions is going to hook up one lucky person with a set of Formula One Actions!

All you have to do is tell me the one thing you bought without hesitation and no regrets, you just knew it was the best thing you could ever do.

Rules are simple & easy:
-One entry per person.

-All entries must be submitted by Tuesday June 29, 10 pm PST

-Please leave a valid email address- will not be published

-Winner will be announced no later than Thursday, July 1st

-Winner will be randomly selected by

Here are some images edited with these fabulous set of actions:









You know as a parent or even as a teacher, you’re not supposed to have favorites… but secretly you like Sally better than Johnny sometimes or even all of the time. I think it’s like that as a photographer as well- you’re not supposed to have favorites… but unsecretly, I do! I love shooting young, outgoing, fabulous people. They’re always so fun and willing to listen to me and follow my direction (even when I sound like a babbling baboon).

Meet Amy, one of those fun, fabulous people who are willing to loosen up and have a good laugh at me or with me 😉

Amy needed some portfolio shots and I was more than thrilled to be the one to help. Amy! thank you, thank you, thank you! You were so fun to shoot and hang out with and I’m so happy you were so willing to let loose and have fun! You rock!

Shannon was sitting at her kitchen table surrounded by mac make-up when I first saw her. Her maid of honor opened the front door for me and escorted me into the kitchen, Shannon looked up and smiled. I knew right then it was going to be a great day. Of course she was beautiful but it was her smile and her sweet demeanor that immediately put me at ease and assured me that the day would unfold perfectly.

I met Shannon & Brian the day of their wedding. A great photographer and friend invited me to help shoot her brother’s wedding in Corona and I accepted without hesitation. And even though I didn’t know Shannon & Brian, when I saw them and spent the day with them I knew right away they were a perfect fit… Shannon and her son and Brian and his daughter- like 4 perfectly fit puzzle pieces.

Thank you so much Tina for inviting me and being so fun to hang out with! Thank you Shannon & Brian for allowing me to document your special day and for being so easy and a blast to shoot.

part 1:

Shannon wanted to make sure her mother was included in the wedding. It’s amazing how much they look alike.

Oh Shannon! Those eyes!

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