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I think it’s fitting to have both of these long overdue posts together. One, a week overdue and the other… well, lets just say it’s been longer than a week. 2 weeks? Nope! 3 weeks? Higher! 4 weeks? Oh internet, we could be here all day. Lets just say that this wedding did not happen in the year 2010.

So first, we have the winner of the $50.00 Best Buy Gift Card!! I would do the drum roll thing again but I’m pretty sure I lost cool points last time I did that. And just a side note, my wonderful Husband who decided to comment as Big Daddy was not in the pool.

And the winner is…..


Alicia, I will be emailing you for your address today.

And a huge thank you goes out to Elizabeth Luna for doing all four of the options to win. I may just have to give you something anyways.

And now a sneak peek of an Encinitas Wedding:

Today is a very special day. Today is my son’s birthday. 19 years he’s been on this earth! What is that you say? I don’t look like I would have a son that is 19 years old. Why thank you! But the truth is, he’s my step son. But my son nonetheless.

So today I’ll be out of the office and by office I mean off the couch and off the computer. We are going to party it up and by party I mean eat sushi and play games at Dave & Busters. We are party animals! Watch out!

Happy Birthday Blaine! You are one of the funniest people I know. We are two partners in crime… who else thinks and talks like us?  It’s been a blast the last 5 years and I know there’s way more good times ahead. :)  Love you lots!

Here are some shots of the birthday boy:

I lied one time and said I needed pictures for my photo class… I didn’t need pictures for my class. That’s what I do, I lie. It’s actually more like acting. I like to improve my acting skills by lying to people to get them to believe me. If they believe me, I’m a great actor and if they don’t…well, that never happens. People in my family have caught onto this and have tried to do this themselves, but it usually backfires on them.

This picture is from a lie :) And as you can see, I’m a great actor.

Formula One Actions

/ Photography

A couple of months ago I was contacted by a really nice guy, a fellow photographer, and he was complimenting me on my work. Um, do you know who you are talking to? Do you have the right person? I think there’s been some type of mistake. Apparently he ran across my blog through twitter. I knew my hours on that lifesuckingblackholesite would pay off! Ok, so I didn’t know that but I sure was hoping that it would. And we had a mutual friend, Christine Pobke. Thanks girl!

He wanted to see if I would test some new actions he was working on. Seriously, no one knows me. Is this some type of joke? If this isn’t a joke and he’s seriously asking me to test his actions, that means I’ve arrived right? I kid ya’ll, I know I haven’t arrivedyet 😉

The actions are designed by Jarrad Lister and the actions are Formula One Actions. These actions are seriously the bee’s knees! I especially love the black and white actions- BW Eternity & BW Platinum are my fav.

Check out the Formula One Actions Blog to see more before and after photos from different photographers.

Here are some pictures with Formula One Actions. All “before” pictures are sooc (straight out of camera). All “after” picture have Formula One Actions applied.


After: Actions used: Fresh Air, Warm & Crisp and Vintage Gold Dust


After: Actions used: Exposure Flashlight, Vintage Rose Wash, Warm & Crisp


After: Actions used: Exposure Flashlight, Eternity B&W, Warm & Crisp


After: Actions used: Vintage Blue Wash and Warm & Crisp


After: Actions used: Exposure Flashlight, Vintage Rose Wash and Warm & Crisp


After: Actions used: Powerhouse and Warm & Crisp


After: Actions used: Exposure Flashlight, Platinum B&W and Warm & Crisp

I did not get paid to try these and I did not get paid to say any of this. I wouldn’t say anything if I truly didn’t love them. I love them!

If you are interested in purchasing them click here

A couple of weeks ago, actually, let’s not lie to each other it was actually about a month ago (I somehow allowed time to slip by me and well, here we are a month later.I am actually a hard working-slacker 😉 ), I  had the opportunity to meet and shoot the gorgeous Kristen from Oceanside, California. Kristen is technically a senior but the girl is so smart and motivated that she actually finished high school early. You go girl! And isn’t she just beautiful? Smart and beautiful, my favorite combination!

We had a blast shooting and it was a beautiful but cold day. Yeah, that happens in southern california. The weather can and is very deceptive. But we had some gorgeous light :)

And a special thank you goes out to Delmy for putting this little shoot together.

Location: Oceanside, California

Photographer: Harmony

So gorgeous!

Oh and of course! We had to use her boyfriend as a prop. And he was also so kind to carry bags. What an amazing bf!

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