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Special invite to all guys and dolls!

So, I’ve decided to set a goal for myself. Well actually a goal as well as a journey. I’ve decided to run a half-marathon in August 2010. There are a number of reasons for this goal; of course to lose weight, get in shape, tone up, but also I want to challenge myself to complete something that I’ve always wanted to do but was too chicken to even attempt it.
So what does this have to do with you, you ask? I would like to invite and/ or inspire you all to run with me. I plan on running in America’s Finest City Half Marathon and 5K in San Diego, CA on Sunday August 15, 2010. Now some of you may not be able to meet me here in San Diego, but that’s ok. I want to inspire you to run wherever you can, whatever city you are in, find a 5k, half marathon, or marathon near you and rock it out! If you are not near a city, then by all means start one in your own community. Be the first one to create something that will benefit and change people’s lives!
I need your help and I hope to be here to inspire you. I have gotten so out of shape and I know I need to make a change TODAY, not tomorrow, not on January 1st, but today!

Who’s with me?

If you are interested in running with me or running with my in spirit, I have created a group on facebook called Harmony’s Rock’n Fabulous Half Marathoners (seriously couldn’t think of anything better to call it). It will be a place to meet and help each other out, we can all start training together and posting our tips, success stories, challenges, etc there.

My goals:

To lose weight

Tone my legs

To complete the half marathon within three hours- I’m not trying to run fast, I just want to be able to complete the race within the given time which is 3 hours. I don’t want to be asked to leave the course :)

Here are some resources that I am using:

Hal Higdon Half Marathon Training: I’ve decided to start with the intermediate training guide. I tend to have the “my eyes are bigger than my stomach” syndrome but I think I can handle this particular training guide. There is also one for novice and advanced. Even if you need to start walking first.

I am starting my training tomorrow and you all can start with me tomorrow (Tuesday) or Wednesday or even next week.

And I just want to let you all know that I AM SCARED! down right frightened! Scared of failing, scared of letting myself down or worse letting someone else down, scared to even put myself out there… but somehow I know I can do this. I just have to believe!

This was the only picture I could find of me running. Don’t laugh, or try not to laugh :)


*UPDATE!: Yea! I have one partner in crime now! Blaine Ruiz! Woot Woot!! Anyone else? Anyone? Anyone?

*UPDATE #2: Welcome Chelsea and Teri! I now have 3 run buddies. Anyone else? Anyone? Anyone?

*UPDATE #3: Yea Marissa & Makayla are now in!

*UPDATE #4: Yea for Kaija & Simeon!

*UPDATE #5: Welcome Tasha to the club! Woot woot!!

*UPDATE #6: Shelley’s on board! Holla!!

*UPDATE #7: What, what! Sally’s on board!

Los Angeles Photo Shoot

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Ahhh, finally finished the LA Shoot This event. Two weeks ago I had the honor of shooting an amazing group of models with an amazing group of photographers. A huge thanks goes to Joelle for her fearless leadership and putting on such a fabulous event!

Also a huge thanks to the following people as well:

Location: Jody Domingue Studios

Other fearless leaders: Doug McNamee and Chris Diset

Makeup: Kimberly Bragalone & Shirley Vazquez

Hair: Michelle Cheng (for Sandra Sheng) and Shannon Ely

Models: Megan Bibbo, Kaylie Wilson, Chelsea Ravitch,David Liggett, Lindsey Cloud, Amanda Shaw, Nicholas Navock, Brennan Mejia, and Brian Bose

Flowers: Flour Floral Design Studio

Sponsor: FolioMojo – Web Marketing Mojo for your online portfolio











Up next, San Diego!

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Sneak a Peek | Tiffany

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I was actually so excited to edit this session and post something that I skipped going to the gym this morning. Oh, I’m such a slacker!

Here is a sneak peek of Tiffany’s session. She is gorgeous and she knows how to work the camera! LOVE it!


I am such a busy bee these days and I’m grateful to be busy doing something that I LOVE to do!

I have 5 shoots to edit plus a wedding with a new friend on friday! Yea! Can’t wait Elizabeth!

And here is a sneak peek of a major project that I am currently working on.

If you are a High School Senior then this is for you! A book of “graduation, party, or just for the heck of it” announcements.

More to come!

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Back in the Day

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New Segment!

So, there is this ice breaker game we used to do to get students to open up and feel a little more comfortable. Actually, John is the creator of this great program which empowers youth to lead, educate, influence and support their fellow peers.-the PLUS program (if you work in a school, you should definitely check it out) and he’s the one that came up with this fun game…it is called Back in the Day.

I always loved the game and soooo I am doing my own version of Back in the Day! Fun times ahead! :)

So, it goes a little like this:

Back in the Day….

My sister and I would run around in underwear and tiny tank tops, in PUBLIC!

I’m on the right and I was super mad that my sister got to wear the yellow half-shirt! I was seriously jealous!


Do you have any funny Back in the Day stories? Do tell!

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