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Week in LOVE

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My monthly favs and now turned into a weekly post called “Week in Love”. I have so many things that I love or that inspire me and I just want to share it. Share all of it. And once a month just doesn’t cut it so….. Week in Love has been born! I hope you enjoy!

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Canon 5D Mark II

I know that a lot of people say that they love their camera… but what I am saying is that I am in love with my camera. I really liked it A LOT when I first got it-it was new, fancy, and a nice piece of equipment. But to be honest with you, I didn’t really now how to use it. Oh, how things have changed. The more I use it, the more I love it! I’m not sure how one can love an inanimate object but I do. Oh, and let’s not forget my favorite child (yes, I have favorites), the 50mm 1.4. It may not be the coveted 50mm 1.2 but it works great for me and it produces great images. We (canon 5D Mark, 50, and myself) didn’t have the best relationship in the beginning, but it is one to be reckoned with now. We are now the Three Musketeers- inseparable friends who live by the motto “all for one, one for all”!


Rebel Green Reusable Bags

I’m getting older and with that I believe I am getting wiser. Well, at least I hope I am. I am aware of my surroundings more and my impact on this planet. And I am proud to admit I am one of those “trying to be green” people. And guess what! There are cute reusable bags to help with my cause! What?? CUTE BAGS I SAID! Rebel green has cute and functional bags for personal items and cute lunch bags as well.

“trying to be green” + cute reusable bags = happy, stylish Harmony


Smitten Kitchen!

Yes, I’m talking about food yet again! You really have to check out this site! Great food, good pictures, and a fun read. Deb is the cook, photographer, and author of this site and she does it all from her small New York City apartment. She cooks, bakes and then lets you know what worked, what didn’t work, and how it all went down. Be forwarned, you may be addicted and/ or gain ten pounds just by looking :)


Jessica Biel on Allure Magazine

I know this particular magazine is a couple of months old but it had such a profound affect on me. The picture is gorgeous, of course Jessica Biel is gorgeous and it may actually be difficult to take a bad picture of her, but…. the picture itself is absolutely breathtaking to me- the natural light (may not be the sun), her skin, and the overall feeling. This is the stuff that inspires me and keeps me going.


The Color Wheel

Ok, so yes I learned about this in elementary art class but relearning now in the context of being a photographer has made me look at the world differently. I see the world in color. I see the world in complimentary colors and colors in the same family. Everywhere I look now I analyze the colors, are they in harmony, in the same family, complimentary?  It’s weird to relearn something and then be able to apply it. And so fun at the same time!


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Do you ever sit around thinking, maybe even stressing about what to wear to a shoot and then how and where to even find chipper (that’s cheaper said with an accent) clothing?

Well, look no further!

A Girl’s Guide to Chipper (try saying it out loud, it’s fun!) Fashion:

click on box to navigate to store’s website




Check Out Anna Sui’s Gossip Girl–Inspired Target Collection







This may help:

* 2009 Sundance Film Festival Winner
* 2009 Audience Award, Annecy Animation Festival
* IME Magazine voted #2 Internet Video of the Year

Amazing performer, vocalist, and he’s a junior at Yale
Sam Tsui – Vocals Kurt Schneider

I started this post earlier today but I felt like it needed more. More creativity and maybe a little inspiration. One of my favorite wildlife photographers has a new collection coming out soon and his work is AHHHH MA ZING!  His name is Nick Brandt. And if you’re in need of a little inspiration or just want to look at beautiful photographs visit his website or have a looksie here. (ex biology teacher here and I love animals)

“Few photographers have ever considered the photography of wild animals, as distinctly opposed to the genre of Wildlife Photography, as an art form. The emphasis has generally been on capturing the drama of wild animals IN ACTION, on capturing that dramatic single moment, as opposed to simply animals in the state of BEING. …”

~Nick Brandt










A SHADOW FALLS, the new book of photographs, will be published in September 2009.
The book will contain 58 new photographs.

12″H x 15″L
U.S./English Edition : Abrams Books


September 10 – October 17 2009


And my pick for inspirational music:

This past weekend my friend Tasha and I finally had the chance to get together and hang out. After three long years of living fairly close, an hour drive, we actually took the plunge and got together. Being that we are in our “early” thirties and weight is ALWAYS an issue with us, we decided that we should do something healthy and somewhat active. Going to the gym would have been a wise choice, but instead we opted to hike at Mission Hills Trails in San Diego.
The hike started off with us getting lost. YES, I said that right and I’ll repeat it, started off with us getting lost! We decided that we wanted to get our monies worth so to speak and we chose the #5 trail. What does that mean? Um, hello it ONLY means that it is the hardest, baddest, toughest trail there. Just one small problem… we couldn’t actually find it. Sure we looked at the free map- one that must have been a local elementary school contest where the craziest looking, hard to read map wins and grand prize is that it gets printed and handed out to unsuspecting hikers. But no matter which way we stood and which way we turned the map, we just couldn’t figure it out. After about 15 minutes, we saw an elderly couple head down the only paved trail there and so we followed suite. What else were we to do? #5 was taunting us, “Neener, Neener, find me if you can!” There was no way we were about to be taunted by #5! We were on a mission- no pun intended.
We were finally off and walking. As we rambled along the trail, so did our conversation- I made the suggestion that I should have worn hi-tops to assist me on the rugged terrain and Tasha said she hadn’t heard those two words since the 90’s. We then reminisced about the good o’days of British Knights, LA Gear, acid washed denim, ratted bangs, and scrunchy socks. Oh, how I love the 80’s & 90’s. (click on the links to see 90’s  fashion and commercials)

Finally the easy part of the trail ended and we came to a sign that said Do Not Enter. Under Construction. We read the sign out loud to each other, hoping that it wasn’t true. As if reading and rereading it would result in a different conclusion. “We did not come all this way , spend 15 minutes trying to figure out a kid-drawn map to turn back now!” We debated whether or not we should continue, if we were breaking the law or just breaking park rules. There is a big difference you know.

Well, we decided that it wasn’t breaking the law and that if we turned back we would be missing out on some good exercise-which we both so desperately needed, beautiful scenery, redeeming ourselves from the map situation, and most importantly accomplishing what we had set out to do.
So, we went for it….
Because sometimes, life is about breaking the rules

Those aren’t the only rules Tasha and I are breaking, fashion quickly comes to mind
We have both quit our full-time- salary with benefits, spent years in college for, a lot of time building- careers. Me, this past June and Tasha will be officially done come January. We both received the same reactions from the people around us- “Are you nuts? Do you know what the economy is like right now? Do you know that people are struggling to find jobs and you want to quit a perfectly good job with great pay?” Oh, it went on and on and on…AND ON!
We both know that we are breaking the rules but we also know that by staying where we are not happy would be breaking our hearts and souls. So, we are happy to be breaking the rules… whether they be fashion rules, trail rules, or societies’ rules.

And here is an older picture of us. It wasn’t taken in the 90’s but I’m sure we were breaking some type of fashion rules :)


*Update: there’s more to this story that Tasha wanted me to add. I hesitated to tell it due to the stupidity. But here it goes… we also got lost during the hike, not just at the beginning, which made us late getting back to the car. Really long story short, we were locked inside the gates and locked out of the car. Fun times :)

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