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Monthly Favs

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I do believe it’s official… 3 times would indeed make Monthly Favs a tradition. My Monthly Favs is a segment where I let you know some of my favorite things. I try to highlight the -“hard to find”, “not so main stream”, “hidden gems”, “indy film feel”, well you get the picture,- type of thingies (made-up word to describe many types of things). I usually try to limit the Monthly favs to three, as not to overwhelm you or me. It’s kind of like cable television, there are so many options and I end up just wondering aimlessly through the channels thus becoming overwhelmed and not watching anything. Pretty pointless if you ask me.

If you have something great to be featured here, please do tell!

So, here’s to tradition and “not so main stream” thingies:


Kelli Murray-

An artist that is extremely talented and based in San Diego. She really has a style of her own (like any good artist) and when you see her work you know it’s Kelli Murray, no doubt about it.

Check out her site here screen capture 2009-7-0-20-16-5

She also has a store on Etsy here


Jedidiah Clothing

Piggy baking off of Kelli Murray because she is a designer for the clothing company-

This is a clothing company that combines clothing, community, surfing, music, social conscience, and actually they explain it better here screen capture 2009-7-1-17-47-55

Clothing Store screen capture 2009-7-0-20-37-37


Nature’s Ambrosia

An all natural, all tasty goodness, fruteria. I love fruit, I mean I reeeeaaally LOVE fruit. This really has to be one of the best places ever. If you live in San Diego then you HAVE to check it out and if you ever visit San Diego well then you HAVE to check it out. I’m on a mission to try everything on the menu. So far I’ve had the Lime Slush- Good, Strawberry Slush with Soy Protein- Gooood, Orange Bright with Soy Protein- Real Gooood, and Bionico- Good (small dilemma: this is made with yogurt which in turn is made with milk and I don’t do milk or milk products. I’ll only break this rule for green tea ice cream and pinkberry) screen capture 2009-7-0-20-39-0

Find it here screen capture 2009-7-0-20-40-0


KIND Fruit and Nut Bars

I said I try to limit myself to 3 monthly favs but since this is another food item which kind of goes with #3 and since #1 and #2 were related, I’m really only doing 2 monthly favs.

You might have seen these in your local Starbucks and if you are one of those really weird people who hates Starbucks then chances are you may have not seen them (by the way I totally get why one would hate Starbucks but I like it/ them, but I get it).

KIND bars are gluten free, organic, healthy, and nutritional. I eat one as a mid morning snack while I’m in class and it relieves my hunger until lunch.

I’m pretty obsessed with them at the moment and they have a variety of combinations and flavors. I am also on a mission to try each flavor here as well.


Vanessa: The Sequel

/ Seniors

Vanessa makes another appearance on my blog, ONLY because she is extremely beautiful, funny, and a fabulous person. We always have such a fun time when we get to hang out… because that’s what my shoots are all about, Hanging out! :)











Baby Kiersa

/ Photography

Meet the ever so cute and funny Kiersa. Her mom is a former student of mine and one of my favorite people. The shoot was at Balboa Park on a beautiful Sunday evening… but since we both are directionally challenged we couldn’t find each other for about an hour thus leaving us with a half hour to shoot. Oh, fun times :)

Mariel, you are so talented and I know it’s just a matter of time before you start making your mark on this world doing your make-up thang :) You have a beautiful daughter who has a great role model as a mother. I love you!









Pose Like a Model

/ Photography

POSING! What to do, how to do it…. so many questions. It’s like having writers block in front of people, with people staring at you waiting… and staring… and waiting… and staring…. and… Ok, I’m freaking myself out here.
I am no expert when it comes to posing and my girls always ask me “What do I do?” “How do I stand?” “What do I do with my hands?”  This one always reminds me of Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby

The weird thing is, this actually happens sometimes. :)

And since I am not an expert, yet anyways!, super model Josie Maran has some great tips. And if you are a visual learner, because in photography it’s always good to show your clients what you want instead of just telling them, here is a video.

Yea for technology and double cool points for Josie Maran sharing great tips! (some of it is a little too high fashioney but use what you can)

Josie Maran Posing

Side note: Josie Maran has a line of cosmetics that are fabulously made and earth-friendly.

Proud Mama

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I did what any proud Mama would do… I entered Lola in a beauty pageant. Ok, not a real one and in no way do I support the mess that is Toddlers & Tiaras  (The opinions expressed herein are my own personal opinions. Don’t want to pull a twitter sue happy situation :) )

We are hoping, and by we I mean me and Lola, she wins because she is so darn cute.

I’ll end this post so you all can go vote. Go, go right now!

Vote for Lola here screen capture 2009-7-2-20-53-14


Don’t judge me internet, I don’t have kids. :)

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