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I met Adrianna exactly four years ago. I have witnessed her grow into a beautiful, kind, and loving young woman. She has a smile that can change your day around and a laugh that is contagious and I’m not going to lie, extremely loud. She is the type of person that can and will find a way to laugh at everything, I mean EVERYTHING.

We bonded over the years and have become the best of friends and I am more than proud to call her my daughter.



adriannaweb1                                                        My favorite!






I’m still learning how to capture the sun. Sometime the learning curve is hard for me :)

I’ve been missing in action for some time now. I know that the three of my oh so faithful blog readers (me, myself, and I) are wondering why no posts lately. So, what has been keeping me away from my ever so faithful blog readers? Kickboxing! Not just your regular 24 hour fitness kickboxing class. But a “real” kickboxing class a.k.a Muy-Thai. The kind where you pair up with a partner and you pray that #1 your partner is a SHE and #2 that this “SHE” is a wimp so you don’t get knocked out… literally (some poor victim actually got kicked and was knocked unconscious in class! WHAT?! Yeah that serious).


The first day of class was just over three weeks ago. The class, my class, was filled with fighters, you know the kind you see on UFC, THAT kind of fighter. Ripped legs and arms, nose flattened from taking too many hits to the face, hands wrapped as if there would be damage to them soon or to someone else soon. I was petrified! As I was standing in the back of the room watching UFC happen right in front of me I felt my body go numb, I could hear my heart pounding in my chest- we hadn’t even done anything physical yet, my hands were shaking, sweat poured from my forehead and my eyes- those might have been tears?, my mouth was dry, and I couldn’t catch my breath. How was I going to make it through an entire class?  I couldn’t turn around and walk out because my husband was standing on the other side of the glass window looking at me. I could see the look on his face, you better not walk out, don’t be a baby, don’t embarrass me, it’s JUST a class!  Really? Just a class? Then you do it! Those are the words I would’ve said if I could actually even move my mouth. 


To make a really long story short, I didn’t walk out that day, not because I wanted to face my fears and conquer them, not because I believed in myself enough to know I had the strength and courage to finish, but because I was too scared to walk out. Scared of looking weak, sacred of being out of shape and everyone seeing it, scared of disappointing my husband, even myself.


Sometimes we do things in life not because we are brave but because we are scared. Scared of regrets, scared of having to spend another second of this life unhappy or out of shape…

What were you scared of that made you do something in your life?


Feel free to comment. Don’t be scared I won’t give you an arm bar or do a rear naked choke on you… I promise :)



     This is how I spent most of the class


kickboxing2                          The instructor. Do you see that weapon?


kickboxing3                          How could one not be petrified of that?


/ Seniors

Caleb is one of those guys that you meet in life and you immediately feel comfortable. He has that natural ability to make you feel like you are the most important person in the world… a trait that is really hard to find in someone so young. He’s funny, smart, and intelligent and on his way to San Luis Obisbo to attend college.  

Who Am I: Caleb aka Kru

Where am I: San Diego

Why am I: Senior photo shoot

Favorite movie line: “Give them nothing, but take from them…everything” 300








 **Update: Apparently smart and intelligent have a similar meaning. Go figure. At this point I can only laugh at myself :)

June Favs

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Here are some of my favs for the month of June
I love it when young people do extraordinary things. Maybe its the teacher/ counselor in me but I get all emotional when I hear stories of teens who beat the odds, discover their calling early on, or those that choose to help others in this world.
I really love young adults (just not in large groups or at the movies :)), I think it’s such a fun age to work with and be around. My heart will always want to help and serve young people and that’s why they are my muse for my photography.
One of my discoveries this past week was a young lady who created a fashion magazine at the age of 17. She was a senior in high school at the time and she did it all by herself. I love motivated people! Love, Love Love! Who has the guts to create something of that magnitude? And stick with it?

Tita Vizcarra is the young lady who took on that task and succeeded! Please check out her magazine This is a girl who is moving and shaking!


Don’t you love it when you come across a good song or a new artist? There’s just something about music that is so motivational and it can turn my mood from crappy to happy in a split second. I found, and yes I found her so I will stick a flag and claim her as mine, a new artist that I love. I don’t like to make comparisons (issues stemming from being a twin) but I will in this case… she may be a dash of Sara Bareilles, a smidgen of Colbie Caillat, with a pinch of Sheryl Crow. Check her out.

Marie Bradshaw - Live, Local and Independant Musician

Of course I have to post something about food. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Food!
This is actually somewhat healthy so 10 cool points for me!
Introducing Karmic Krunch.
It has delicious nuts, seeds, granola, buckwheat flakes, papaya, raisins, and I know that you are thinking this can’t taste good. But it is sooo good you’ll want to eat the whole bag in one sitting! Read more or take my word for it and buy here

karmic krunch

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