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Odd and Random

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I have countless pictures to post and things to write about, yet I’m posting this random YouTube video. It’s a little long but if you wait for it you may just like it…or not. Either way, I almost cried :(  ….really! True story!

I’m all over the place with my posts but one day I’ll catch up or hopefully, just get it right (I have at least five other things to post and write about).

On to:

Who am I? Vanessa

Where am I? Menifee, CA

Why am I? Senior Photos

What is my favorite movie line? “So it’s not gonna be easy. It’s gonna be really hard. We’re gonna have to work at this every day, but I want to do that because I want you. I want all of you, for ever, you and me, every day.”  The Notebook

Vanessa was very fun and she was down to do some goofy, fun stuff…just my style! Oh, and she’s smart and beautiful… AP Calculus…need I say more?





This is my first real post so I will tell you about my start as a photographer, well a little snippet of my start anyways, along with my kind of/ sort of first shoot. Let me warn you! I am not the best writer and my grammar may be incorrect at times or all the time but I hope you can get past my faults and enjoy the ride.

Down & Dirty Version: I love to photograph people, I want to become a photographer, to create lasting memories filled with laughter and love. There are people out there that can say that they’ve always had this dream since they were a child, they’ve always had a camera in their hands, and they are now fulfilling their life-long dream of becoming a photographer. I can’t say that I’ve always wanted to do this.

This urge or dream of mine came only five short months ago… so, why now you ask, why photography? Well, I’ve always been creative. At least I thought I was or I wanted to be but I never really had the skills for this creativity to come to fruition….kind of like I had the gas but no car, I had the peanut butter and jelly but no bread, a match but no wood, eggs, butter, flour, chocolate chips, but no oven…you get the picture right?  Without my vehicle I was stuck so I set my creative needs aside and focused on the what I could do and that was study and work hard to become a biology teacher and now a high school counselor. Along the way I tried to fulfill my creative desire through creating fun, fresh, unconventional lesson plans, creating flyers or posters for whatever needed to be advertised on school campus. I love working with kids and I think I have a natural ability to connect to young people. Basically, I am good at what I do but in my heart I was still missing something…..but I couldn’t find my means of expression.

To make a really long story short….. I bought a camera. Aha! Finally! My vehicle! My bread! My match! My oven! I discovered a way to merge the two worlds… I can work with people and be creative! WHAT?! Who knew? Not me!

Without further ado: my kind of/ sort of first shoot….I did two shoots prior to this one, but since I am just starting out I can lump all three into one “First Shoot” category.


Blaine’s photo shoot was on February 21, it was an all day event (only because I’m still learning and I had a victim model and there was no way I wasn’t going to milk it and take full advantage of the opportunity…I may have violated some child labor laws!) and I think he was getting a little upset but he’s  my son so he had no choice in the matter. Plus I bribed him with new clothes and a promise not to totally annihilate him on the tennis court (the latter is a total lie..I suck)  :)


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